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Merc 400 outboard???? Help needed

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I bought my son a trailer for his 12 ft alumicraft this afternoon, the deal was buy the trailer take the boat and motor with it. Cost 50 bucks. The motor is a Merc 400 outboard, I know nothing about the motor except the people said they bought the boat a few years ago and have never tried to start it, the boat is a 13 ft fiber glass boat unkown manufacturer, does anyone have a suggestion on getting info for the motor, I do not think we would keep it and may sell it. Help, Thanks
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Pass it on, you should try the Mercury forum over at You should try to find the model number off of the motor. One of the guys there will probably be able to tell you the year it was built. It is at least a good place to start.
Seaway has a lot pf parts but I wouldn't necessarily call them cheap or cheaper. There is also a guy in the Spokane area that specializes in the smaller antique outboards. He has a web site but I can't remember it off the top of my head.

I found it.
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