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A lot of people have been asking, Which reel? Well I own both and have now fished both. I have the Curado 301 on a Herzog 8-17, which I use for a float rod. The Luna for now is on a X96JC. First of all the Luna just feels smaller even though it's round and holds about the same amount of 15 lb line as the Curado, it's also a litle bit heavier than the Curado. Both reels are very comfortable to use, not to heavy. I had no trouble cating 2/5 oz spoons with the Luna, as for the curado I tried both jigs and bait under a float and it casted very nice too. I hooked one fish today and it came on the luna, The drag is very smooth with no hesitation. I'd have to say it feels a little bettrer than the drag on the Curado. Overall I have to say that I love both reels, If it came down to choosing one reel I'm not sure which one to choose, I'd say it depends on personal preference. Round vs Low profile. Hope this helps some of ya'll in making a decision. By the way I fished the Cascade today and went 0 for 1...Yes, I'm a cracker!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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