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Looking for a new youth compound bow

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I am looking to buy 2 youth compound bows for my youngest 2 boys and was wondering if anyone has some suggestions. I would prefer suggestions from people who have actually bought and used these type of bows. We looked at some at Sportsmans Warehouse in Burlington yesterday. I like the Diamond "Edge" or the Browning "Micro Adrenaline". The "micro midas" looks kind of fake with that black plastic looking riser, I just can't get past that. I am looking for something they can shoot for many years, with lots of adjustment. They are 10 and 12 years old and have shot a little bit with some smaller bows we have had. I do not want to spend $500.00 on each bow so price is a factor also. Any help would be appreciated thanks. :mrgreen:
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I did not attend the Puyallup Sportsman's Show, but I understand that they had a youth bow range set up. According to the floorplan on the website, It appears that they will have the same at the Evergreen Show in Monroe next month (Feb 21-24). They might get to try some different bows and you might get a good idea of options, good and bad. I am assuming that there will be some knowledgeable help there also (with products to sell or recommend).
Go to cableas in lacey they have quite a few models and the boys can shoot them on the range. They are priced as high or low as you want go. At that age I doubt they can draw hunting weight go get them something that fits and they can shoot to death at a decent price and see if they like it. Most have adjustable draw weights and lengths.
Thanks for the info about the sportsman show and Cabelas. I am going to take the boys there and let them shoot each one to see what "they" like best.

PM me.........I've got a compound and all the extras your boys might like.....tons of target and hunting shafts, releases and makings for lots more shafts.........and the price is right...
I'd like to see my bow go to a good cause, I'm out of the bow hunting and 3-D shoots, but sure had a load of fun doing both!
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