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Little Stinkers

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After a Full Day of Fishing in the Summer heat on West Medical Lake, my Mom and Dad arrived back at the Boat Launch, Skunked!
They both were surprised when a couple of Soldiers who were also leaving the Lake at the same time, offered to give them their own stringer of beautiful Trout.
Oh, No! They exclaimed, we couldn't do that after you worked so hard to catch them!
But they insisted, and Mom and Dad gratefully headed home, looking forward to a fresh Trout Dinner.
It wasn't until they had Fried up a Batch of them and were sitting down to Supper when they realized why the Soldiers had been so eager to hand them over to them.
Never in all the years fishing in Minnesota had they ever eaten such "Muddy" tasting fish!

The Soldiers must have laughed all the way back to their own Barracks, just thinking of those Rookie Fishermen from the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" taking their first bite out of those West Medical Lake, Summer caught Trout. "TRAPPER "

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