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Fishing Report Little Spokane River

Discussion in 'Spokane County' started by John, Jul 1, 2000.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Fished Little Spokane in a canoe today. Not much going on. Caught one 16 inch rainbow on a pheasant tail. It was my first time out on this river and I have no clue what to use on it. One things for sure, there's a lot of big fish in there, I saw a lot of them. Unfortunately I didn't catch many!
  2. David

    David Guest

    Having fished the Spokane river exclusively, I had no idea of what to expect from my day on the Little Spokane. Not many people seem to fish this beautful little stream, so I had no prior information that might help me to know where and what to fish with. I brought an assortment of soft hackles in a variety of colors, nymphs, and a few dries. Never having fished here before, I did not have a clue as to what might be hatching, if anything. I fished in the afternoon, from 1:30-4:00. There were some tiny bwo's and a sparce number of larger bugs which I could not identify out on the river, but the fish were not rising to feed on the surface. I fished a size 20 bwo for awhile with no success. The water was clear, with visibility down to 6-8 feet in some of the deeper pools. The soft hackles I used were brown and olive bodied, and they produced a few small rainbow while working them in outer seams of some of the faster water. My biggest success came on nymphs. I caught fish with a zug bug, and prince nymph (both size 16), but the nymph that was by far the best producing was a size 16 olive bird's nest beadhead nymph. The first day I caught 5 fish with this fly, two of them being rainbow/brown hybrids that were 15-16 inches. I came back again the next day and caught 12 fish in about two and a half hours of fishing. Two of the fish were caught on prince nymphs, but the olive bird's nest beadhead produced 10, including a 13' brown, 2 15-16' rainbows, and a 20' bow. The fishing was suprisingly good, and the fish I caught were all wild and strong fighters. Access can be tough on this stream, but it is wadable and you can walk along the stream for miles if you wanted. All in all, my experience on the little Spokane was wonderful. The fishing was great, and the scenery along this stream is beautiful. Floating this little river I imagine would be even better for that.
  3. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Fished this reiver many times, never expect any luck. It is a beautiful place though.
  4. Noah

    Noah Guest

    Going to go try some spinners for my first time on the little Spokane River today. I am headed near St. George's school as per advice I found on the internet. We'll see how I do. Anyone have any last minute advice as to this little river. I would love the help.
  5. nellygirl

    nellygirl Guest

    i fish the little spokane every year, i grew up on this river near elk, which is 20 miles north of spokane, it is very hard to acess the river because it is one of the only rivers in the states that is privatley owned. that includes the ground under water. so be careful where you are fishing because you are most likely trespassing out that way. But i cathc nice brook and rainbow out of there and i have even caught a small catfish once, but 2/3 times it is sucker fish although very fun to reel in, they are very gross.
  6. eriq frint

    eriq frint Guest

    Yes, I have tried the pine river park area in october with no luck it turns out the best time is spring-summer my experience is in evening when swimmers are gone and when the rainbow and browns come out of hiding to get at the crawfish which are abundant at that park, suckers seem like you can catch them all day, try a spinner or a bait into the deep pools there at evening or early morning
  7. 5 1/2 pound brown trout out of dragoon creek.
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