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Well some of you fine cooks here are indeed getting very impressive results with top shelf expensive smokers. But ol reelin here still has one smoker that he bought in 1976 or so for 15 dollars at Fred Meyer..My lil chief from lure jensen.
Right now as we speak ol cheefy weefey is emitting billowing clouds of fragrant aromatic smoke signals far above state and federal emission standards across the neighborhood.
Smoking up a little bit of coho for a holiday magic treat.
My brine is simple too. Apple juice, table salt, brown sugar and minced garlic. and black peppercorns whole..all used in modest amounts.. marinate in a tupperware bowl overnite in the fridge( taste the brine befofe you soak the fish in it. it should taste good not yuky).
Put my pices of fish on the racks and brush them with a modest amount of olive oil and into the smoker they go.
They will be in there till they look done to me ( and I have never been wrong..hee hee lol) admitidly it is cold outside if necessary I will finish them off in the oven ( it will not hurt them one bit)
Then I will take them this evening out of the smoker brush some more olive oil on them put them back into a tupperware bowl and refridgerate them overnite.
Tommorrow morning I will take them out of the fridge and hide them from the rest of my family so they wont eat them all and I wont get

Christmas morning I will take a piece and make homemade smoke salmon potato chip dip and take it over to Pastor Paul's house for a Christmas day gathering.

ingredients...Sour cream...smoked salmon...onion powder..table salt ( onion powder and table salt in modest amounts ..taste it dont put too much in)

I will post pictures later today.

Put a piece of foil on top of the pan and poke holes in it the chips burn more even


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I agree I would not trade in my Big Chief for anything. I am on the third element and I think I am going to need a new handle for the pan soon although it still is working just fine, just really loose. One of these days I am not going to be able to remove it if the thing comes loose.
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