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Fishing Report Les Davis Pier

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Jim Norris, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Jim Norris

    Jim Norris Guest

    Fished Les Davis for 2 hours with my 7 year old. She caught a nice 8 inch perch. Saw two other small fish pulled between 830 and 1030 AM. I had a huge Dungeness, too bad it was not June. I set him back to catch another day.
  2. Tera

    Tera Guest

    One Rat fish a star fish and a bunch of bull head lol. That seemed to be it. The people crabbing on the other hand had a great day. Walked with a cooler full of Reds Dungies and even some shrimp. Luck B's I am gonna try my luck there again today! Bringing the ring and stinky chicken for a little help. Hope they like lunch.
    Let the fish get into the Puyallup then it will be back to the Rivers. Tight lines all...Keep em wet!
  3. fishnfool

    fishnfool Guest

    squid fishing is on... bring your generator...caught 4 dozen in about 2 hrs some nice ones good size... pink and white jigs seem to work good for me, dress warm and bring a heater if you have one, it sure is nice,they have two outlets only one works and they come on at 8pm there on a timer
  4. Tera

    Tera Guest

    Crabbing has been good on the Pier. Last down on the 3rd of July and took 6 nice Red Rock. Going for some Dungies today. Wish me luck. Tight lines all!
  5. Smessick

    Smessick Guest

    Crabbed today with 2 crabbing rings using fresh chicken legs. Not a single crab for 5 hours of fishing. Few guys on the piers were catching tons of soles. Weird cause I usually only ever see them at dash point. Not even a single piece of chicken looked like it had been touched. All in all it was suppperrrr slow. Goodluck.
  6. nofish

    nofish Guest

    Fished the pier for 3 hours and not a hit. Was targeting humpies. Tried jigs, kastmasters, and buzz bombs. Saw one bull head and one dogfish caught. There were a few crab being caught also. Will try it again in a week or so. Good luck all.
  7. Smessick

    Smessick Guest

    Fished from 4pm - 11pm. Caught lots of bullhead. Few candlefish/eels, Got one good size sole aka "a flounder" no parasites. Not really anything else biting, Caught a few really good chunks of bark. All in all super slow.
  8. Forage

    Forage Guest

    Fish from 7pm-1pm for squid and other forage fish, in blistering cold,caught about 2 Dozen squids, 3 lbs of herring...I was also talking to another Forage Fisher Man, he said, he caught limit on squid the other night *10 lbs*, around 1pm. Oh yeah! dress warm, it gets really cold at the dock. Sharing is Caring (share your light!)
  9. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    No fish :eek:(

    But a nice day to be on the water.
  10. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Guest

    Chinook fishing on the pier was hot today, I caught one around 18 LB's and more caught and some lost. Buzzbombs was the ticket to the catch
  11. Kingslayler

    Kingslayler Guest

    Went down to les davis today no pinks yet but caught a big rock fish!,and some little baby pinks
  12. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Fished Les Davis Yesterday and today. Threw crab ring, daughter and I fished for pinks. She caught a 11" Rock fish, swim bladder was intact so no need to sink to bottom, fish left under its own power. Saw a handful of pinks jump as we were leaving last night, but other than that, slow fishing, but fun time with Wife and kids. Nothing impressive on the crab front either, mostly undersized redrock, and pacific gracefuls all thrown back, and under 5". The Starfish are huge however and kept getting into the rings, making retrieval a workout. I know Dash Point is on fire, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that LDP is gonna light up soon.
    Good luck all!
  13. Gasman

    Gasman Guest

    Fished Saturday with my daughter, just down the beach from the pier. She limited out in less then an hour on pinks and I soon after wards. Brought the wife back that night, and she went 2/6 (not bad after not fish for 20 years... lol)
    Sunday the wife and I limited in less then an hour with her beating me to it. Not as good in the evenings as it has been in the morning thou.
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