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Lake Whitefish

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Can anyone tell me how to catch Lake Whitefish with a rod and reel?
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I am fishing Banks Lake in Grant County. Guys on the old Gamefishin forum told me to go small and try single Pautzke's eggs fished on the bottom. I will also try some shrimp meat.
Tonight we only put 3 whitefish on the bank with little pieces of worm on a #12 bait hook and had hundreds of hits that we didn’t get the hook set on. :)

Tomorrow night we will be slinging Plastic curly tail worms because a woman just up the beach from us hooked and landed a 30-inch walleye. I will take walleye over whitefish any day. :cool: :lol:
cjfish said:
Maggots are the best for Whitefish, and you want to find moving water if you can.
Worm pieces worked great for us once we got them cut small enough. I am not worried about finding moving water to find the fish here at the south end of Banks Lake, there isn't any. When I shine my flashlight into the water I can see hundreds of whitefish swimming in just a few feet of water about 10 feet from my feet. Believe me, that sight really gets your blood pumping.
We only put one more on the beach last night before the snowstorm ran us off. When you can’t even see the end of your rod it makes it hard to fish.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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