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Fishing Report Kregers Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by TRAPPER, May 19, 2014.


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    Used to fish this Private Lake back in the 60's for some nice sized Catfish. At that time you could rent a boat from the local Farmer who had raised a Mountain Lion from when it was just a Cub.
    The now fully grown Cat would return in from the Wild every now and then to the Farm and beg for handouts.
    One foggy night while we were sitting on Kregers Lake with a bunch of other Folks using Coleman Lanterns on the Bows of our Boats to attract "Mister Whiskers", the Mountain Lion returned and gave out a "Screech" that sounded like a Dying Womans Scream.
    All you could see through the Fog were the lights of the boats moving very quickly back and forth across the Lake.
    I can still hear all the hollering coming out of the Fog, from Fishermen and Fisherwomen too afraid to come ashore and no longer in the mood to dangle their Bobbers and Nightcrawlers.
    Now on any other night we used to fill up our Creel to the top with those hungry Cats, but not on this night, thanks to another type of..... "Hungry Cat". "TRAPPER"