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Fishing Report Kapowsin Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by James Sniezak, Dec 29, 1998.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Me and a buddy went out for the day down by the train tracks, got there about 11am, were fishing with Yellow and Orange Power Eggs, 3oz weights, with a 5 foot leader casting as far as we could get it to go. both caught one trout, 13" 14".
  2. derf

    derf Guest

    got one off the dock 3 pounder trout!!!
  3. Karl

    Karl Guest

    Fished from a boat from 1400- 1630. Landed two small rainbows by the boat launch and about 10 got off. Lots of stumps, but overall a quality experience.
  4. Cole

    Cole Guest

    Troll with a wedding ring and a worm at a slow speed and enjoy.
  5. Buck

    Buck Guest

    Went fishing today with a buddy to try for a big fat zero..fished from 11am till 7pm with lots of fish rolling..Tried micro jigs, road runners, and 1/64oz jigs....Really trying hard to figure out how to catch them....Any advice on what and where to get these would be a great help....
  6. Buck

    Buck Guest

    Fish the lake again today but with better results....Used a micro all white and fished around the rock pile...Caught 16 small crappie, several perch and some rock bass....
  7. jeff Scott

    jeff Scott Guest

    The lake water read between 68 and 70 all evening. I trolled homeade lures on the surface with a small piece of worm. I had bites all day long, ending up with five trout. The lake is tough to fish when its windy. The trick is to get your boat moving as slow as possible.
  8. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    The lake was windy. I usually pass on windy days. I started fishing about 5:30pm. I enjoy building my own lures and used them today. I caught 12 fish by 7pm. Epic day! fish ranged from 15 to 10 inches.
  9. Caught a few , then the rain poured . Used night crawler and sand skrimp
  10. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    Perfect night! No wind or Rain. Trolled to my favorite spot...about 33 feet deep. Caught 4 on the way then tallied about 12 more in 2 hours. The homeade lures tipped with some worm are working great. I fished with two rods and twice had fish on both at the same time.
  11. jeff scott

    jeff scott Guest

    Super windy tonight. Winds blowing hard from the south from 4:30 till 7pm. They then shifted and blew from the north, crazy. I trolled and caught my limit plus some.
  12. akajack

    akajack Guest

    Went fishing afternoon got limit . Got back to my truck to find someone went under cut my fuel intake an took some gas !!!!!! Watchout
  13. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Perfect day. Went out at 7:30 am and fished until 10:30 caught 8 nice trout. The recent warm weather has them deep in about 35 feet of water. There is only one spot in the lake that is that deep.
  14. Thei

    Thei Guest

    It was a nice morning. Went out for a couple hours and caught a couple few 16's and lost some. Day was ruined when we came back in to get our boat out of the water to find out someone had broken into our gas tank and siphoned our gas. It chipped my paint off my brand new van. So I will never go back there. Also, it looked like 2 other vehicles got broken into because there was shattered glass everywhere.
  15. meeeggg

    meeeggg Guest

    Trolled with my brothers we all limited out 25500 fish got out in on sunday but there really small
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