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Fishing Report Kapowsin Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by James Sniezak, Dec 29, 1998.

  1. Esox Angler

    Esox Angler Guest

    Had the pleasure of fishing with the Mrs. and our son. Went out for perch and worked depths around 20ft. with small jigs. Perch were just feet above the bottom. Average length varied between 7-9 inches but all were very plump,it appears they are eating well. We all caught and released perch but more importantly,a great family outing.
  2. jeff scott

    jeff scott Guest

    The lake is very cold, 49. Other boats on the lake reported some action around the island, although I did not get any hits. The water is high, about three feet above the mid summer low. I saw lots of fish on the finder, they are hanging on the bottom real tight. I am thinking the lake water needs to hit 55 before the fish wake up. I did notice a fly hatch on the surface.
  3. Ian

    Ian Guest

    Went out on my aluminum today, went to the far side of the island fishin for bass and perch, didnt get one bight. Need to wait for the water to warm up
  4. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    The lake has warmed to 55 degrees. The trout are very active at the north end of the lake. If you are looking for trout I recommend trolling between the island and the launch with a spinner, 4 grams or less, and a small piece of worm. I caught my limit in less than 2 hours.
  5. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    The lake is fishing great right now. Bass are very active around the south end. Worms are an excellent choice. I hooked a large bass trolling for trout around the old pier today. The old river channel that flows in about 17 feet of water is full of large trout. You can pick it up with a depth finder. It sits about 300 yards off the island.
  6. Levi M.

    Levi M. Guest

    Fishin is great. The last two weeks every time Ive went ive limited out on trout. Use a green or red wedding ring with a one inch peice of worm.
  7. fished all around the lake today near the log jam past the boat rental shop rock bass all day couldnt keep them off the line, 1 small large mouth 1 small bluegill 1 good sized trout... where are the crappie at?
  8. Levi M.

    Levi M. Guest

    The crappie are around the pilons on the right side of the public dock towards the tiny island use a crappie jig single tail works best.
  9. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Went out for a couple hours around 10am. Spinners, spoons, spinnerbait did not produce at all. Caught 2 small bass on a 2" powerbait grub in white and a single weight with about 2 feet leader. Fished the shore, both caught near the boat launch.
  10. jim m

    jim m Guest

    fished from the dock at rainbow resort, caught 1 nice large mouth with a crawdad jig.
  11. blue rob

    blue rob Guest

    caught 5 small largemouth 10-13in topwater trout colored rapala 1 nice rainbow nothing bit until about a hour before dark lots of fish jumping
  12. J.P.

    J.P. Guest

    went out with my mom and it was pretty windy. Didnt get any bites. Hope to do better next time
  13. dilly

    dilly Guest

    fished from shore off the train tracks from 4-7pm. Was smashing rock bass all day from around the sunken logs. Used nothing more than a hook and worm wacky rigged. 20+ fish caught lots of fun.
  14. jeff scott

    jeff scott Guest

    The lake is really hot!!!! I hooked a dozen trout in less than two hours. All in the 12 to 14 inch range. Fishing in about 20 feet of water.
  15. Silky T

    Silky T Guest

    Trout were on the bite today. I braved the wind and rain and limited on 12 inchers. Green/orange wedding ring, 1/4oz weight got me 5 in 30 minutes. They were not biting when the rain was heavy, but when it cleared for a few minutes, BAM! Some have been saying the north end has been productive, but I had success on the southeast shore today.
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