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Fishing Report Kapowsin Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by James Sniezak, Dec 29, 1998.

  1. Foothills420

    Foothills420 Guest

    Nothing worth keeping today. Sure did feed them though!!
  2. foothills420

    foothills420 Guest

    Caught 3 rock bass today in about 1 1/2 hours, was sorry I had to go. Gonna hit it again tomarrow for a coupple more hours! Near Boat launch area, using #6 hooks no wieght and night crawlers!
  3. Foothills420

    Foothills420 Guest

    Pulled 4 Rock Bass out today, Great little spot for some pan fish to fry. This lake is tricky from the shore, although I think I'm getting the hang of it. Bring extra hooks!!!
  4. Foothills420

    Foothills420 Guest

    Pulled 5 Blue Gill, 2 Rock Bass!
  5. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    The weather was nice so I went out on the lake today. The water temperature was less than 50 degrees. The lake is full of plant material. It is also very full of water. I wanted to try out my new boat so I trolled a worm. One soft hit. The water will need to warm up a bit before the fish get active. The day was great!
  6. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    My son and I went out today and troled worms for two hours and got two light strikes. Several bass fishermen were out. No fish caught anyone. The lake water is in the mid fifties. I am buying a fish finder Tuesday and will report back what I find. I think the water temps need to be above 63-64 for fish to become active, especially the crappie and trout.
  7. jeff scott

    jeff scott Guest

    I fished the lake hard last week. fish all over the depth finder!!! Saw one nice lake trout returned to the dock, .75#. The water temp is 46 degrees. I think that it will need to jump to 50-55 before the fish begin to get active. The lake water is very high and very full of plant material.
  8. bassman

    bassman Guest

    Fished K lake the shore. Mostly trying for somebass. No luck. Started for some trout also no luck. Lotta people came in with same reports. Waters cold no fish surfacing notihng. goodluck
  9. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    Fishing has picked up a bit. The lake water hit 50 degrees. The fish and game dept dropped some small fish into the lake, 2,000 six to eight inch trout. They are easy to catch but who wants fish that small. I would suggest trolling along the banks of the island.
  10. jeff scott

    jeff scott Guest

    Hit the lake yesterday. To the dismay of my 9 year old daughter we didn't get a single bite. The lake water has hit 60 degrees so fishing should begin to ge hot. We did see a monster trout caught to the east of the dock out about 300 yards.
  11. Dan N

    Dan N Guest

    caught fish but no size at all...Trolling for trout with wedding band (green) with worm head trailer caught 5 but all really small...
    Bass fishing is picking up (Sm/Lg crankbait) again no size and alot of those red eye bass....
  12. JESSE

    JESSE Guest

    Went out at 11am until 4pm, did mostly c&r. Between my buddy and I we caught 8 6-10" trout, 1 bass, and we kept 2 12 inchers.Using either a red or green wedding ring tipped with a worm. We troll the ne side of the lake in between the stumps, north of the small island. In the last month we have caught our limit every time. Wedding rings all day long!
  13. Todd

    Todd Guest

    Started at 7:30am until 2:30 pm. Between my daughter and I we went home with 9 stocker trout. Wedding ring tipped with worm. Trolled all day until the battery went dead. Then spent the rest of the afternoon rowing back to the boat ramp. Oh well had a good day and lots of exercise. Will be back again tomorrow.
  14. Todd

    Todd Guest

    Hit it again at about 7:30 am. My daughter outfished me again. Took home our limit of trout and 1 good sized yellow perch. The fish seemed to be holding around the stumps on the N.E. side. Wedding rings worked again.
  15. Bill W.

    Bill W. Guest

    Picked up a couple of nice, fat perch, but nothing else.
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