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Fishing Report Kapowsin Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by James Sniezak, Dec 29, 1998.

  1. Fished it a few weeks ago, there are lots of fish to caught from the stocked rainbows to a few cutties and tons and tons of those little red eyed rock bass. There are new people running Ericksons and it looks like there dozing out some land and going to make a camp small camp area. Great place to get the kids into fish.
  2. BB

    BB Guest

    Opening day!! Ya, I know it is a year round lake. Did not see a fish caught and did not catch any. It is bound to get better.
    Great boat launch. Thank you WSDF&WL.
  3. got_fish?

    got_fish? Guest

    Fished this lake the last past thee weeks, everything biting on the lake from bluegill to trout. Caught about 7 crappie so far from 1 lb to 2.5 slabs 9 to 13 inches!! The trout all range about 8 to 14 inches and they are everywhere from 4 to 1 ft below the surface. The bluegill are nice slightly bigger the hand size- mostly pregnate females..they put up a nice fight though..all released but the male crappies!! careful lots of stumps...good luck
  4. TNT

    TNT Guest

    The bass & pan fishing is awesome on this lake. However, it is not worth your car window being smashed and broken into. Three vehicles were broken into at the new boat launch. The break in's are occurring in the middle of the day. Don't leave any valuables.
  5. Josh

    Josh Guest

    Went out trout fishing today, usually do mostly bass fishing but the trout were hitting so good we kept on trolling. Caught about 25 trout between 2 people, but only kept 7 that were big.
  6. metalhooker

    metalhooker Guest

    well had a great day on the water with my father and daughter. started out with some bass and bluegills. then more bass and my dad caught a nice rainbow. then more bass and then my daughter hooked into a 16in. bow that was a fatty. she had a fun day and lots of fish caught. we used spinners, worm, eggs and trolled dry flies, caught fish on all kinds of stuff. what a fun day!
  7. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    I fished the lake two consecutive days. My son and I cought several bass, crappie, and perch, all on worms near the surfce. The bite is very short in the evening, 8-9pm. We had a great time. All the fish were small. We fished the northern end of the lake and are now expanding down the western shorline.
  8. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    I went fishing twice this past weekend. I tried trolling yesterday and caught some nice rainbow trout. All ranged in the 12 inch range. I trolled worms. The area around the dock seems to be good for bass and crappie. I caught a crappie trolling yesterday that weighed just under a pound. I am begining to get a feel for the lake. I have found some good trout spots and intend on fishing them hard this week.
  9. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    There is some great fishing on the lake right now. We only caught one tonight but saw several landed in nearby boats. One fish jumped out of the water, a rainbow, ten feet from the boat that was well over a pound. Tonight the best fishing was between 7:30 and 8:30. A guy had a bass on the dock tonight that weighed over two pounds.
  10. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    My daughter and I tried trolling tonight. I like electric motor I bought at Cabelas this week but is does not seem slow enough. We caught one nice trout tonight and missed many. I think the boat is moving too quickly. I am going to shave some material off of the propeller and see if that will slow us down.

    side note: as we were pulling in a guy caught a 14 inch rainbow on power bait!
  11. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    Went out tonight at about four and had three in the boat right away, within thirty minutes. Al nice rainbow trouut arund twelve inches. It slowed way down thereafter. We watch a hawk catch his limit!
  12. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    The Lake was on fire last night. I caught two fish right away(within ten minutes), one was 14 inches. Trolling deep and slow is the ticket right now. Use light gear. i use an Eagle Claw Snell, size 6. I remove the bad hooks and tie my own leader. I use a number two hook. Use a small piece of worm. You must roll as slowly as possible. I use a 30 trust tolling motor and turn it off and on. Now, where to fish, two hundred yards out from the dock to the end of the inlet at the south end of the Island is the best trout spot on the lake right now. There are two springs in that location that keep the water cool and the trout like the colder water. Good luck.
  13. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    The lake definitely fishes better in the evening. I trolled for five hours yesterday, catching just one. I will head out this evening and try again. I wandered down to the south end of the lake. not much trout action there. The north end is the best for trout.
  14. Mr. T

    Mr. T Guest

    I fished Kapowsin today and landed a fat 2 1/2 lb largemouth. I fished the southwest side of the lake and used watermelon colored worms and grubs. One fisherman landed a 5 pounder. Overall it was a great day for fishing the water was like glass.
  15. Foothills420

    Foothills420 Guest

    Hit Kapowsin Today, There was three of us.Had alot of little throw backs today. Came home with a 1.5 lbs catfish, a 14oz. catfish, 15oz. Large mouth, and 2 little pan size smallies! Great weather, alittle humid out there though.
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