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Fishing Report Kapowsin Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by James Sniezak, Dec 29, 1998.

  1. Three people drug flies and wedding rings around the lake and had no luck. Two bites on a sinking rappala, but nothing in the bucket.
  2. Went out to lake Kapowsin on Monday 8/2 to try my midsummer luck. We took a small jon boat across to the island and fished all the way around it. If you want to take a kid fishing this is the place to go. Not a whole lot of people due to the rough access to the lake, but tons of fish to be caught. We caught bass, bluegill, crappie, perch, and rock bass. In all we caught and released over 50 fish in the matter of a couple of hours. It didn't matter what we used we still caught fish. The bass weren't real large, but there are big ones in there so be ready. We used worms under a bobber, mini jigs, and rapalas. Good luck and watch out for the stumps!
  4. uinten

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  5. Bob

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    Really excited about going back to the lake this weekend. Had an awesome week fishing small gold and silver rapallas of the points around the island ,and the points around the corner. The bass were deffiniately staging. I had some awesome strikes that made the heart stop, well only for a second or two. If the clouds and wind come around, it might be a good time to try some top water's. Zarra spooks or prop baits, the smaller the better.
  6. Uncle Bob

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    My friend and I showed up late this morning, hoping to catch the "big one". Well...he didn't catch a damn thing all day long! The weather was nice, we saw some panfish feeding under them lillypads, but the only way one could catch them is if you would use some dynamite, or if you would jump in with a net. A slight north breeze prevented us from casting where we would like. That only added to our frustration. Needless to say, it was typical of our "Kapowsin Experience", as we now call it whenever we brave the storm and stumps on this lake.
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    slow day today no action at kapowsin,tryed black lake as well weather is still to cold
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    went out to the lake today and launched at ericsons fished for about 4 hours had a few good strikes but no takers. there was one rainbow caught off the dock and a few blue gill and a small bass taken on a fly rod from the dock allso.
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    Fished Kapowsin May 25th from 2pm- 9pm without much luck. Water is still to cool for much Bass action and the trout are starting to wake from the long winter. Bass are in pre-spawn, so if you want to catch them you will need to get the lures in the nest. Expect bass fishing to heat up by June 10th. Best results of the day were fishing the west bank of the lake. Which was nothing to write home about but was atleast a fish in the boat. Recommendations: From my experince the lake is perfect and suitable for some serious bass. But your gonna have to wait till they are active and the spawn and water tempature are up. Bass-West side of the lake within 1000 foot of the docks. Southeast end of the Lake near the telephone posts.. North end of the lake near the grass. Small lures bright colors. Everything I caught was on a #3 hot pink rooster tail spinner. Moving it very very slow. Trout- Troll the west side of the lake along the island and take it slow the are not moving to fast at this time. Best of luck to you and I will submit anothe report after todays adventures. Best of Luck BassMaster. Power bait (rainbow design) flat fish are hot.
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    Fished the lake over the weekend. If I could present something to the bass wihtout spooking them, I'd get bit. This was difficult. One time I flung a spinnerbait a little to fer, as it flew over the shallows near shore about half doozen bass boilled the water. These were some serious boils too. Dam water is to clear too. But, I did slide a few in the boat. One fat female. ;Put her back in. Didn't troll for any wife feed.
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    Fished Kapawson with my bro Bruce today. Bruce had some reservations about launching his 14'jon boat on the slide ramp, it wasn't getting the boat in he was worried about it was getting it back out. After speaking with Andy who has ran Ericsons for about 5 years now and has seen a lot of boats up and down the launch, we decide to go for it. Andy also assured us that they were catching plenty of fish both from the dock and from the boats, so we launched and loaded the boat. After seeing trout rolling every where Bruce was regreting not having his flyrod. We fished northwest side about half way down the lake, catching a total of three Largemouth two on a small Blue Fox and one on a Huskey Jerk. Settling down for lunch, we set up our rods with Dicknite spoons and set the motor on slow troll, in no time at all we had our limit of trout for the smoker along with one Largemouth and a pretty healthy Bluegill. We decided to go back to bass fishing and while Bruce was ruthlesly cleaning the trout I threw on a slightly larger Blue Fox and reeled in two more Largemouth fishing on the island side of the lake. Bruce also lost a pretty big Largemouth on a Huskey Jerk. We called it a day and headed back to the slide ramp. We just hooked a tow rope to the boad and Bruce pulled it up the ramp with his suburban, no problem.
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    Well, this Lake Kapowsin has gone down sooo much since I began fishing it 20 years ago. The fish are much smaller and fewer now. Caught one trout, bass, bluegills, pumkinseed and couple perch-all small. Now too much logging and mining? going on there-too loud. Pierce county lakes are awful.
  13. Lake kapowsin brings back some very fond memorries for me. I started fishing the lake back in the early 1950 when I was in the sevice I can remember cathing some very nice native raindow and very large bass I still fished the lake untill about 6 years ago when my very good freind and fishing pardner became to ill to fish so now we just set around and remember how it use to be Andy will be going home soon as he has Canser but some of our best fishing memmories are of Kapowsin Lake.
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    Lake Kapowsin is an excellent bass fishing lake. I lived in Louisiana for a while and just moved up here last year. I used to fish tournaments on Toledo Bend Lake and since I've been here - Kapowsin is where it's at. Last weekend I took a buddy and his brother fishing. I caught a six pounder and a couple of three pounders, and my buddy's brother caught a four pounder. This was the best day of fishing since I moved up here. The bass are spawning so good luck in catching a trophy. If anyone Knows of any Bass Tournaments in the area, please let me know. Thanks. Keep on chunkin---------"Bassin Jay"
  15. Dave J

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    fished the lake over the weekend with only two good rainbows.Fish and wildlife department said they put 22,000 in this lake,could have fooled me.But there are alot of bass and plenty of panfish,on ocasin you'll find a hot spot of trout. GOOD LUCK AND TIGHT LINES
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