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Ice fishing at Banks Lake.

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I have had several PM messages this week asking about the ice on Banks Lake. I only know about the south end of the lake by Coulee City. If anyone is interested the ice is over 6-inches thick at the boat launch now and the entire south end of the lake is frozen over. But I don't know how thick the ice is out on the main lake. This arctic blast we are having has to be thickening it up out there too.

I do know that the perch are in the boat launch area as I have caught some myself a week ago during the day. And just before the area iced up farther out we were catching Walleye and Burbot from shore within the City Part at night too so those are a possibility of that too if someone wants to stay out on the ice when the sun goes down.

If you are going to give it a try give me a PM and let me know what time you will be there. Maybe I can come over and join you. Fishing is usually more enjoyable when you are with someone.
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Is there anyone else that might be interested?
I drilled a hole out there by the Coulee City boat launch today. There was around 12 to 14 inches of ice on the water and the perch were biting.
The perch I saw earlier in the day were like you said, 8 to 10 inches with some up to 12 inch thrown in.

I might add that the good thing is the perch in Banks Lake do not have a warning on how many meals a month you can eat. Eat all you can as often as you like, they are safe over here. But the bad news is Banks has a 25 perch a day per person limit.
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