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HOW TO: Pull the pin (bar) on TOMIC plugs

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I promised someone a long time ago that I would post this and never really got around to it. Now that I am off for Christmas, I have time to walk through the steps to pull the bar on a Tomic or Silver Horde Plug. A long time ago, Tomic didn't have pins in their plugs, but flat bars. I bought some used plugs a while back and wasn't sure if I would be able to pull the flat bar and run a line through the plug, but with a lot of brute strength and lack of patience I managed to get the bar out and run the line. I see that Silver Horde still makes their "high speed" plugs with the flat bar through the plug, but I have not tried it with their plugs yet. This is how I did it. There may be other and better ways, but this is what worked for me.

Take your plug that has a bar...

First, take a really good wire cutter (lineman grade) and cut the ring off of the top of the plug and the swivel from the bottom of the plug. I think it is easier to cut the ring than to cut the flat bar, and if you cut the ring only, you won't be leaving any rough edges on the flat bar won't roug up the plug when you pull the flat bar out of the plug.

On the bottom side of the plug, cut the flat bar. in this case, the swivel would be harder to cut.

Ok...depending on how old your plug is, it may be easy or hard as hell to get the bar out. So I hope you ate your wheaties and have your beer muscles ready to go...

Get your favorite plyers and pull like a.... You got it.

It is ok if the bar comes out in 2 pieces. Just make sure you are pulling from the bottom of the plug, not out of the top of the plug.

Keep pulling and you'll getr out...

Now you are ready to go. You can run your line through the plug. The first time I did it, I cut the bar insteady of the ring at the top of the plug and that made it harder to pull the flat bar through the plug. Also, that little dinky cutters in the picture...yea...I broke that.

This is a seven inch Tomic plug rigged with 40 lb maxima and a 7/0 siwash. I just grabbed the nearest beeds I had for the pic, but I would use the smaller beeds and ideally the lightest weight beeds (maybe soft beeds). You want that hook as far back as possible, but you also want the hook to follow the body of the plug.

If you want to know how to pull the pin, go to TOMIC's website and check out the tutorial there. They also have a lot of good rigging suggestions.
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"Good Show", that bites a trial and error effort in screwing up a new plug. Thanks
Great instruction and photos CB. Thanks! Tight lines.
NIce post and pics, now just show up your favorite plugs!!! I think I remember a post of your from Neay Bay? big kings...
Favorites inlcude 602, 603, 233, 500, and 632. Size 6 and 7 inch for the ocean kings.
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