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Just a dumb observation that I noticed about myself.
Maybe some can explain this thru experiences that I still cant comprehend.
I'm Forty-somethin but I still cant figure why I'll watch a movie or mini-series on the weekend when I already have this
particular show or program on DVD.
I'll even put up with the commercials that are spliced into the most important parts of the show, no matter how
annoying these commercials or interuptions are. Never mind that I can watch this show without interuption in half of the time that it takes.
My example, and PLEASE dont grind on me for doing so, just at least let me believe that I,m not alone.
This weekend when I should have been arrangin the shed, putting away tools that I haven,t found in months, even killed the moss that grows on the south part of my lawn. I flipped to the History channel on Saturday and low and behold I was glued to all the episodes of "Band of Brothers". I just assume that any red blooded American guy that was in this situation would have done the same.
Only it got worse cause they played only 6 episodes on Saturday, then focibly made me watch for the rest on Sunday.
Anyone else have these type shows that hypnoticaly glues them to the tube?
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