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Fishing Report Hood Canal

Discussion in 'Jefferson County' started by Scott Campbell, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Fished west of Saulsbury PT, by Hannah PT, got started at 630 am, fishing for Coho. First few casts and we hooked into some small shakers, this went on for about 45 minutes then the bite seemed to stop, using a green and red buzz bomb. Then we tried trolling with a 4 oz of lead, a flasher, and a white Hoochie, did this for about an hour nothing. Throught the rest of the morning nothing, even tried in Gamble bay with no luck. We also tried a cut plug with 4 oz lead and mooching. About 5pm using a pink rooster tail we started to catch the shakers again, but nothing worth keeping.
  2. George

    George Guest

    Dabob Bay
    200yds south of radio tower on east side
    Five limits in three hours
  3. Squidward

    Squidward Guest

    We crabbed the canal 7/30 thru 8/1 from Tahuya to Tahwano and not NOTHING!! Not a single keeper Dungie to be had. 7 pots and a ring multiple 12 hour sets and not a speck of crab meat for any of our efforts. Disovled Oxygen levels? Water was too warm? Whatever the reason. Save you time and money and don't bother crabbing that far down the canal.
  4. Crabbed the hood hit it at high tide took home 2 limits of red rock and 6 dungeness all in around 4 hours.
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