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I am looking for a little advice from all of you here at gamefishin........I am thinking of heading over to the OP (Hoh) this weekend.....I got hooked last year about this time catching and releasing them big ole Natives......Anyway, anybody know what the conditions are for this weekend? I know it will be raining, but I hope that it wont be blown out. Any help would be greatly apreciated!!!!! Thank you PM me if you like!
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It's probably in shape now with it's current flow.

A lot of rain and wind is in the forecast though... and the Hoh goes out pretty easily. You might want to have a backup plan in case you go and it's punched.

Good luck.
Thank you for your input! i THINK i WILL BE HEADING OVER THERE this weekend and I definatly have a back up plan!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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