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Fishing Report Hoh River

Discussion in 'Jefferson County' started by jim leons, Dec 12, 2000.

  1. T Hill

    T Hill Guest

    Fished the mouth section on the Hoh the third weekend of October. Me and some buddies fished the banks. We flipped lures in and out of holes in generally slow water. Over Sat and Sun we landed twelve fish between 4 of us. The water is normal and clear. The lower Hoh was virtually uninhabited, which surprised us. I expected 50 cars and a hundred people but there were about 10 and 40 total. The weather was sunny and beautiful and the fishing was above average. Among the 12 fish were 2 kings. The rest were silvers. We lucked out as I discovered an very productive stretch of river. Several other fishermen were watching as we landed fish after fish. Size 4 copper color mepps lures and silver or chrome crocodiles did the best for us. The Hoh river is my favorite river of all time. I love that place.
  2. Will

    Will Guest

    Explored the upper Hoh today--first time to drop a line there... The water was nice, but no fish. A biologist doing turbidity reading shared that barely any fish have been caught (a couple wild) in the last few weeks that he has heard about. At least the showers let up and sun came out late in the day. A few boats adrift, but only a few strikes between them. Too early for the run yet, I guess.
  3. Mike in Tac

    Mike in Tac Guest

    Fished the lower Hoh between Olympic National Park parking area and Cottonwood CG on 12/28 and 12/29 hoping to get the last of the hatchery run. Both my friend and I hook and lost one each. Much like Will's report, there was pretty much no hatchery run left. Spoke with a WDFW fish counter who said he'd heard of 5 fish caught on the river in 2 days. Sounds like the run never really came in at all this year. Maybe we'll get even more next year instead. Wild fish should becoming in a month or two....
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