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Discussion in 'Jefferson County' started by jim leons, Dec 12, 2000.

  1. jim leons

    jim leons Guest

    The Hoh has been kicking out quite a few fish, it's been mostly hatchery fish with a few nice natives.
  2. Fished the lower Hoh with Jim Leons on Sunday. The water, weather conditions, everything looked great. We had high hopes for some Steely action. We fished hard all day and only produced two bites one of which was on my rod. I managed to TV jerk my rod before the fish was ready. We talked to serveral people including some bank fisherman. No one was catching fish. Oh well, no fish but we will try again!
  3. jim leons

    jim leons Guest

    The Hoh open's May 15 for salmon. Should be some red hot fishing for the guys that don't mind to turn the natives loose.
  4. The Hoh is running really low right now,and were still waiting for rain. We are picking up some Kings and Coho on the lower end of the river. for more info. go to or call 1 360 374 6657.
  5. James

    James Guest

    Fished the Hoh on mon and tuesday and saw a lot of fish. The river is very low and the fish aren't hitting anything. In 2 days i had one king on and that was it. The Indians are netting and snagging on the lower end which didnt help the fishing.
  6. The Hohriver is closed as of today Oct.29th. Per the State of Wa.WDFW. For more info go to I live on the Hoh and it has been very dry and the river is at a all time low for this time of year but I have seen fish on every run of this river Kings, Coho, Steelhead. I have also seen more fish than you could begin to count running out of holes and heading up river, as well waves on top water made by more than alot of fish coming up river.
  7. ThatDude380

    ThatDude380 Guest

    Bank fished 06-17 to 06-20. Pounded eggs for a couple days with only one dink bite. Switched to bent metal the last couple days and started catching dink dollys(3). The last day it happened. Had a large king on for about 2 minutes but it thrashed the surface and spit the hook. Me hohmie and I got a good look at the cromer at that point. Hohmie says the fish was 12 inches deep. Hooked the fish on a heavy silver plated pentac spoon (herzog) with a treble that will be replaced with a single next time. NOBODY fishing. Sunday no boats were fishing. The other days there were only 2 boats per day fishing. Saw 2 other bank fisherman up high and 1 down at the mouth of da hoe. The water had only 1 foot of visibility. Me and my hohmie will be back in a couple weeks for more days on dat hoe.
  8. ThatDude380

    ThatDude380 Guest

    Fished a few days at hoeme. She wouldn't put out anything bigger than a two pound dolly, which shows what a Moe Hoh she can be this time of year. The boaters weren't doing squat either. In fact, the nets would only get a few a day, but they were BIG i.e. 30.
  9. Three of us floated the Upper Hoh this week (Park Boundry to Hwy 101). The recent rains jolted the river awake...briefly. The fishing was fair and we went 4 for 7 on Wild Steelhead. Our trip included duanting decents into the canyons and dowsings from big white water sections. Great trip!
  10. We were in the Hoh today and we cuaght/released 5 wild fish. One was in that 20lb class range and the others went 7-10lbs. The big fish was fun but equally as special was putting one of my guys onto his first ever Steelhead!
  11. Zongo

    Zongo Guest

    Hit the Hoh on Saturday with Mike from Grizzly charters in Forks. Drifted the upper Hoh, was all by ourselves. The water was high but good color. Awesome trip, only two hooked and lost! Shame on me! What an awesome day on the river!
  12. Ola B.

    Ola B. Guest

    Fished the upper Hoh today, river was high and dirty.
  13. Mike in Tac

    Mike in Tac Guest

    My friend and I fished the banks of the Lower Hoh for about 4 hours - just a few miles from the ocean. Lots of braids and lots of water to choose from, but no fish.

    Moved on to the Upper Hoh in the afternoon, and after trying a couple of different spots, my friend hooked up with a 11-12 lb female native.

    Saw some drifters who met with quite a bit more success, but not all bad for us - beats a day at work!
  14. Fished hoh, boag, sol duc, sat & sunday. 16hrs fishing and not one fish for 3. Low clear and boring. Talked to lots of drifters and nothing. walked into many holes and not one take down. Very bad experience and fishing. Should have stayed south at the hump where i went 1 for 2 on friday afternoon. Native. Good luck to all and to all a bad steelie season.<P><font size=1>Edited by Easy Limits on 3/3/2009.</font>
  15. Fished Upper Hoh Road from 11am to 4pm landed a NICE bright wild steelie 12lbs the river is in great shape, gin clear
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