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Fishing Report Hog Canyon Lake

Discussion in 'Spokane County' started by Chris, Dec 28, 2001.

  1. Chris

    Chris Guest

    I talked to my father a few weeks ago and he had gone out to Hog Cannon for a few hours. He had caught his limit within two hours and said that he thinks it would have taken less time if he had just gone to the spot that he normally fishes first. He is talking aboput going out again next weekend so the fishing must be good out there. Hog Cannon has always been a great winter fishery in my mind and I loved fishing there with my dad when I lived in Spokane. Rip Some Lips! Chris
  2. greg rose

    greg rose Guest

    I am reaserching some data about the improvements to the road conditions that were completed about 7 years ago, and the dam that was constructed. Please send me all the information you can about any of the funds that have contributed to the improvements at Hog Canyon or Fourth of July Lake and the improvements resulting with the funds. I am an avid fisherman of these lakes and a student at Spokane Community College. We are looking to ask for more grants to establish better accommodations at Hog Canyon and Fourth of July Lake. Thank you for your time, Greg Rose
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