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Step one: Wait till next July. Apparently the suids runs are over. Small ones will come back around July.

Most people use a long limber rod. I like my Lamiglas G1307 (I think). Its a 9'6" 6-10lbs test rod. Its got enough backbone to handle some of the heavier jigs, but the tip gets a good bend and is soft. This is good for two things. First, squid jigs don't have barbs. So when you do hook one, they will usually fall off if you don't keep constant tension. Constant tension is easy to lose when you first hook up because it feels like a snag. What do people do when they feel a snag? Drop the rod tip. This can lead to escaping squid! second reason for the soft tip, sometimes its easier to watch the tip for strikes than it is to feel them. The jig will bend the rod tip. As you are lowering the jig, just watch for feel for the tip of your hesitating or lifting. Squid grab from the bottom, so it'll feel and look as though you've hit the bottom. Most squid bite when the jig is being lowered or is stationary. Rarely do they bite when the jig is going up. Therefore, it is usually better to try and keep a tight line while lowering so you can feel the "strike".

One tip that will help you from losing jigs is to use the line keeper on the spool of the spinning reel. This doesn't work for floating docks. Basically, when you get to your spot, let your jig down to the bottom. Tighten up your line, then put it into that line keeper. When you throw your jig out, it will let out a preset amount of line. One or two cranks of the handle, and you'll be off the bottom. THis also helps if they are holding at a certain depth. You can get back to them by counting the turns of the handle.

Jig shapes and colors and sizes do matter, about as much as they do for blackmouth. Some days, they will prefer pink or green or blue or pure glow or orange, etc. Just takes experimenting. Green is by far the most popular color, but I've had blue ones that worked jsut as well. Some people think brighter glowing jigs help, going as far as carrying a little container of bleach to wash off the ink. If you decide to use multiple jigs, make sure the upper ones are lighter. I usually max out at 2, about 24 inches or so apart. I pretie a snap swivel for both jigs.

There are also friendly docks and not so friendly docks. Not so friendly dock: Redondo. Friendly dock: Seacrest. Don't impose too much, but do ak questions, and most people will be willing to help.
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