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Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Paul Trudeau, Oct 14, 1998.

  1. Paul Trudeau

    Paul Trudeau Guest

    We fished Hart's Lake around the 15th of October. Landed a 2lb bucketmouth right in front of a resident who said they hadn't caught a bass in 6 years. Shame on us, we took it home for dinner. When I finished the filets, I discovered it was FULL of parasites. We've done well in other lakes in the area, and kept a few for the pot, but none of the other bass from other lakes had parasites. I'd recommend Hart's as an excellent catch-n-release lake, though....
  2. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Well I've fished this lake (for trout) for three days now and got 1 nice 20 incher and half dozen bites. no out there was doing a whole lot of good a fish here a fish there type of thing but I talked to one of the local residents who fishes for catfish there at nite and he says its been picking up he' averageing 3-5 cat a night when he fishes it. he said he caught a 6 lber there last year and his biggest this year was a little over 2lbs. So maybe I'll try somenight time cat fishing on my next trip there.
  3. Chad

    Chad Guest

    Three days in a row no cats or bites hopefully the fishing will get better guess we will wait and see. give me a buzz if the fishing gets any better thanx.
  4. Ben

    Ben Guest

    Fished Harts from about 6 to midnight for cats. One bite, nothing from it. Went back the next morning, fished with worm, no bites. This lake is slow. If anyone has had anyluck in the past month, please email me.
  5. Been fishing Harts since opening day without much success. Today wasn't any different. There were no boats on the lake and only 3 of us bank fishing. No one getting any bites. Maybe later in the season.
  6. fishin fiend

    fishin fiend Guest

    Fished for 1 hr caught a 2 1/2 lb rainbow...Better than what the rivers are producing...
  7. Stephanie

    Stephanie Guest

    been having good luck with crappies for the last 2 months or so using crappie jigs with barbers, had tons of action in the deeper waters towards the shore. average 10-15 crappies about 9 inches and up jigging on boat till sun down.
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