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"Happy Birthday" Dr. Hook

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Have a great day Bruce!! clap: clap: clap:
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Happy Birthday Bruce
Birthday greetings Bruce from the Old Man.
Happy Birthday! (where is that beer drinking smilie when you need it)
I should have posted this one but did not want to give you a heart attack seeing as you are getting so old.
Indeed my good man!!! Happy B-Day!!!
Remember having birthdays (regardless of how many you have had) is better than the alternative..! clap:
Happy B-day Dr. Hook. I forgot our B-days are on the same day. Tup:
Just another day in paradise...Happy Birthday!
Happy B-Day Bruce! clap:
Happy Birthday Bruce!!

I hope you're out fishing to celebrate!
I looked in the dictionary under "OLD" and saw your picture there! Happy Birthday Bruce. If you need help filling out all those AARP forms give me a call.
Happy B-Day Hook I know you are fishing somewhere.
Happy Birthday, Bruce!
Happy B Day Mr. Hook clap:
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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