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I got to wiggle out of work early today (12 oclock). Figured that I'd better get some river time in since this bad-boy storm is gonna blast thru the next few days. Started at the log jam and worked my way up to hwy 18 bridge. The water was great with about 3 to 4 ft vis. Brought both rods with me one for bobber n eggs, and one for drifting corkie/yarn. Worked the bobber/eggs but no luck, since I,m still a newb at that style of fishing I figure that it will just take some time. Moved up river started seeing a few fish roll didnt really get to see what they were but it was promising.
After half hour at this spot moved again and met a guy walking out with a fly rod in hand. Asked him how his luck was he said he had latched on to a 5 lber but lost it.
Went on and found a good spot, decided to throw red/pink corkie at it for awhile and wouldnt you know it I had switched the rod to the other hand mid-drift and BAMM my rod loads up but since I was fumbling in my vest, and rod in the wrong hand I just flailed.
Any way it was a great day on the Green and even better not being at work...
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