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Great Guides on the Wynooch??

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Any possibility of a great guide that may have an opening this weekend for 2 guys that got cancelled out on the Clearwater due to ice and low water?
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I would give Scott a call

Heck of a good guy and I think he is even a memeber here! He knows that nooch real well!
As Kingfisher stated, Scott Pollard is an excellent guide for all rivers in Southwest Washington, but especially the Nooch.
Swanny is definitely one of, if not the top guide on the Nooch and Satsop, IMO He knows those rivers like the back of his hand and flat out puts a lot of fish in his boat every outing. Tup:
Theres this one guy who pops in here every once in a while. Goes by the name of Mystical Legend, maybe you've heard of him. ;)
I would give that Scott Pollard guy a call he know's how to catch fish. Tup:
Scott Pollard is an excellent guide for that river.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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