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Got me a new dog!

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Rachel brought home a little surprise this evening. A male 7 week old red heeler.
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Congrat's, you got a new fishing partner... Tup:
Ive heard they are great dogs Easy, you will have a good buddy for a long time. Congrats. Tup:
That is one cute lil SOB! I have had a heeler or two in my day and love em all. Great friend and Road dog.
those are great dogs. That one cute pup! Congrats. Tup:
Puppies are hell! I like um...wonder if he will bark?
Cute dog easy, heelers are awesome dogs and have great personalities Tup:
Now you need to get'em started on '**** huntin' !!!
That sure is one cute little pup. Fun times are ahead for you. I just love the puppy stages
We now have two dogs, three cats and two rabbits. :cool:
What a cute pup. I just love dogs.

We will be in the market for another dog soon I think. One of ours is almost 18 years old now and isn’t doing too well. This may be his last winter with us. :(
I like his "what the hell have I gotten into" look. :D Think he'll fit in just fine there.
Gall Dang, if that ain't a CUTE Puppy.......

Just remember that it's time to hide the your running shoes and keep your wadders off the floor with him around!!!
If he just chews on shoes I can live with that. We had a dog that liked to chew on the wood trim around the doors. :evil: We have a couple of toys for him to play with. Plus he likes to wrestle around with our youngest cat. Man, that is fun to watch!
I hear that Easy Limits..... I had to be the "bad guy" and get rid of our last puppy after he started to eat the siding on various locations on our house. He was a cute, fun to watch dog, and we spent mucho time with training, but he just didn't like when were not home, even though our older dog and our cat all got along with him to keep him company.

Bottom line: dogs will be dogs, and just like just have to accept some messes every once in a while.

Easy Limits said:
We had a dog that liked to chew on the wood trim around the doors. :evil:
The one I always like is: "Man's best friend my @ss... dogs don't even have lips!!!"

Opps, did I say that outloud???
If he starts to chew on the furniture just take a small paint brush and a little Tabasco to the spots he would likely chew on, he'll get the message. Nice lookin pup, if'n ya take him **** huntin let me know, would love to tag along. I've bagged a few **** in my time.
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