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Recently we finally made the move and got off of dial up and went with broadband. I have PS2, X-Box and X-Box 360.
I've never played on line yet, nor do I really have any future plans to pay to play, even if it is $50 a year. Maybe next fall, but not now.
So my question is, can I connect and play any of these gaming systems I have online for free. Shooter games like Ghost Recon, COD, Halo, ect. Older versions or newer. I assume that the 360 is pay to play, but what about the PS2 or old X-Box?
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When I got my 360 last year, I believe I received the free trial info, just haven't got around to digging it out. But then again I doubt I would give anyone my credit card number anyway. lol
I do remember that I could buy a gold card at stores to play. But like I was saying, I was more curious if I could plug in my older systems and play for free, when I had free time. If I paid to play my 360 I know it would be a blast and I would play on line all the time, but my sex life would go to pot real quick. (so I've been warned) :?
I was just sitting here at work thinking about it, so I thought I would asked.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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