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Recently we finally made the move and got off of dial up and went with broadband. I have PS2, X-Box and X-Box 360.
I've never played on line yet, nor do I really have any future plans to pay to play, even if it is $50 a year. Maybe next fall, but not now.
So my question is, can I connect and play any of these gaming systems I have online for free. Shooter games like Ghost Recon, COD, Halo, ect. Older versions or newer. I assume that the 360 is pay to play, but what about the PS2 or old X-Box?
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I play on my PC. I prefer first person shooters (besides my madden) I've been playing counter-strike since 99'. Used to play competitively for money and such. If you want to play games for free the PC is the way to go for online. Someday I'll get back into the consoles, just not anytime soon.

Here is a link to look at for games on Steam. (a program created by Valve out of Bellevue that has all kinds of games you can download)

I would imagine you may not be into some of these types of games but it's worth a look.
If your playing the source version of counter strike the hit boxes are great. The original version of cs has horrible hitboxes due to the limitation of the half life engine. Which version are you playing? This is the server I tend to play on the most. Seattle All Pro Gamer's. If you have an old video card you may need to tweak your config. If you have a fast computer I can send you an autoexec with all of the settings you need to have good registration.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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