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Recently we finally made the move and got off of dial up and went with broadband. I have PS2, X-Box and X-Box 360.
I've never played on line yet, nor do I really have any future plans to pay to play, even if it is $50 a year. Maybe next fall, but not now.
So my question is, can I connect and play any of these gaming systems I have online for free. Shooter games like Ghost Recon, COD, Halo, ect. Older versions or newer. I assume that the 360 is pay to play, but what about the PS2 or old X-Box?
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All You Need to Know About Text Twist!
Sure you’ve heard of Text Twist, but have you taken the plunge into one of the most addictive 6-letter word games on your iOS device? Here’s precisely how it works before you download the app onto your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows device. You’re going to be faced with 6 letters that may seem random at first, but you will soon discover all the hidden words buried within those not-so-random letters from the alphabet. You’ll be given both consonants and vowels, and your job is to unscramble as many words as possible before the timer runs out! Does anyone detail the game word descrambler and text twist
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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