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Fish Lake 7-Point

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These pictures were reported to have been taken on Fish Lake near Lake Wenatchee. :eek:
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That would be really cool to see. Nice pictures.
A truly magnificant creature. I can't imagine wanting to shoot that.
Yup that work of Mother Nature needs to keep on contributing to the gene pool. Hope he survives to do just that.
Yes, an impressive speciem, but I'm sorry guys those bambi and thumper sentiments won't fly here.
The only reason to pass on that bull is that your forgot to aim the sights away from the antlers and towards the vitals.
lol....If I only had a tag for those..................
Great pix!!
Amazing how such a large critter can swim.
I remember watching deer swim across Lake Washington, under the east channel bridge from Mercer Island to the Enatai area......pretty cool......................!
What kind of a lure do you use for those????? Bullet head jig :lol:
That's awesome! Thanks for sharing those. I wish I could draw a branched antler tag.
Wow, Looks like someone next year might get lucky at this big boy! Wish it was me.
Sure would of like to have been there to see the big boy up close... :shock:
I would bet that it was taken in Yellowstone. Nice Bull. I have about 30 pics of similar sized bulls from Yellowstone this summer.
Looks like a Rockie Mt Elk to me. Not a rosie... Anyhow sweet pictures! Would love to be waiting on top of that hill for him with a tag and freezer ready to be filled.
I don't know the actual story on these photos, that is why I said "reported to have been taken".

Re: Rocky vs Rosevelt
The elk around the Lake Wenatchee area are Rockys.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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