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We got a replacement draw for a snow goose field on Fir Island Saturday morning. 6A, according to the biologist, the geese were in there at 4 pm when he drove by on Friday afternoon. We had five guns and we are only allowed four persons in the field at any time. Weather is nasty, very, very nasty. We even discussed not going out till later. I was going to help set up and then let my son hunt, while I waited in the truck. But Dylan did not want to go out in the cold, he is quite happy to watch from the truck, actually he tried to go back to sleep.

We charged out into the sideways rain to set up the 900 decoys we brought. We are almost done when the first flight is coming. We all dive for our guns, as we have had days when the first flight was the only chance we had. Well the first flight, sails by high as does the next few. There is a break so we tidy up the spread, move the bags away and cover everything else with white.

Call goes out, big flight coming in. When I look up, they are already on approach. The best part, these geese expect to land in our set. We knock down three. I look for Zeus my ten month old vizsla to send him out. He is already on his way back with a goose, SWEET. When he gets back I send him out again. Fortunately I took an old white T-shirt and slipped it over his vest. While he is out more flights are coming in, we are dropping birds all over. With his white cover shirt, Zeus adds some great movement to the spread and the birds do not mind him out retrieving. Flights glide in right over him. I want pictures of Zeus retrieving snows, but don’t dare take it out in the nasty rain. After I drop four, I head out across the field with Zeus to run down cripples and retrieve birds that dropped far out. We run down four and the fifth bird gets up and flies when we get close. It doesn’t fly well, but good enough that Zeus can’t run it down. I am outside of our designated field limits and in a safety zone near the road, so my gun is unloaded and that one will be had by the eagles. I head back to the truck to get Dylan and send him out as by now the shooting has stopped and the guys are gathering the last birds. This is only about thirty minutes after the first shot.

By the time we get Dylan out the geese are setting into a field behind us. The sound is deafening, as thousands of snows are only a couple hundred yards directly up wind. With the main flock as competition, the flocks aren’t coming in as low now. So it takes a bit to get some strays low enough. But Dylan gets his four also. The hevi-shot is just the ticket with the twenty gauge. We pick up the decoys and are back at the truck by quarter after ten. I’m not much for tailgate shots, but its the only picture we have for the hunt.

20 Snows.


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