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SportJet said:
I just watched Wild Hogs and I have to admit that I have never laughed as hard as I did from start to finish. My god that movie is hilarious.

Your favs?
We seen it in the theater. I agree, funny movie!

Blade Runner is still one of my favorites though.

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Old school comedy movie: Kentucky Fried Movie
New comedy movie: Futurama (Bender is funny as hell)
Drama movie: The Shaw Shank Redemption and Saving Private Ryan
Horror movie: Haven't seen any for awhile so I'll have to get back to you on this one. Nightmare On Elm Street for now.
Action: The Matrix

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One of my favorites that I can watch over and over is "My Cousin Vinny".

I liked the movies there for awhile that had Julia Ormond as the female
lead. "First Knight" and "Sabrina" as examples. I like movies with Meg
Ryan in them. "French Kiss". If I like the leading lady, I usually like the

I watched "Tombstone" again the other day. Classic.

"Braveheart" is one of my favorites. I still watch it, but skip the last 20 minutes.

I too like "48 hours", "Shawshank" and "Saving Private Ryan".

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Marathon Man...I wish the sequel could have been made..."Is it safe?"
The Champ...I remember this as a real emotional rollercoaster when I was a kid.
Blade Runner...One of my favorites also. Anything written by P.K.Dick (A Scanner Darkly) is awesome.
The Eiger Sanction...Trevanian's alter ego Jonathan Hemlock,need I say more?
The Thing...John Carpenter's re-make was the shizzle. Gotta love that bass beat as things heated up and Kurt Russel's character is trying to outmanouver the creep.
The Descent...Not! What a let down equal to that of Hostel.Big hype that just didn't deliver for me.
Pithch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. I love that ruthless bastich!
Officer and A Gentleman and Terms of Endearment will round out my selections at this time.

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Wild Hogs is hilarious and one of my favorite “new� movies.

For the older ones I love Blade Runner, The Shaw Shank Redemption and Saving Private Ryan.

For the really old I still like Gone With the side to remove the seed
Fill the center with the grated cheese
Wrap the date with cheese with the bacon and secure with the toothpick
Cook in oven or BBQ until Bacon is done

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