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For all us sportsman with big trucks or SUVS, this new proposed law could hit us hard in the wallet.

The bill is SB 6900 and it adds an "Engine Displacement" fee to the vehicle license tabs upon renewal. The fee has a varied amount depending on the size of the vehicle's engine:

Engine Size (liters) Rate Schedule

Up to 1.9 $0

2.0 - 2.9 $70

3.0 - 3.9 $225

4.0 - 4.9 $275

5.0 - 5.9 $325

6.0 - 7.9 $400

8.0 or over $600

Do the math for all your vehicles like I have and see what would be added every year in "Displacement Fees" on top of the normal license fees.

Here's the web page for the bill where you can read the text, only thing is you will need to have Adobe on your computer to read it. Bills/6900.pdf

If you're not in favor of this bill, and i assume most of us aren't, I suggest you contact your legislators and let them know how you feel. Here's a lin to find your legislators


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Good morning Mike,

Thank you for contacting the office of Representative McDonald with your
opposition to HB 6900
Establishing vehicle engine displacement and emissions fees. SB 6900
establishes a new carbon tax based on the size of a vehicle engine and
eventually charges the fee based on the amount of carbon emitted per
mile. This bill is a massive tax increase on working families simply
for owning a motor vehicle. According to the Office of Financial
Management, SB 6900 will result in a $1.7 billion tax increase just in
the first five years of implementation and could be substantially higher
in future years. Interestingly, vehicles owned by state agencies are
exempt from these taxes.

This bill penalizes those who need to drive bigger vehicles (such as
trucks or SUVs) for family or business reasons. The bill also singles
out people who drive older vehicles because of financial or other

The bill is currently in the Senate Transportation Committee, and it is
in fact a dead bill.
This is not a bill that Rep. McDonald would be in support of should it
made it from the Senate.

Warmest regards

Meredith Policani
Legislative Assistant to
Representative Joyce McDonald

LEG 425B
Olympia WA 98504

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Thanks Mike,

Looks like I'm a bit behind on this and it is in fact already a dead bill Tup: Tup: That law would have been just brutal!!

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the State is getting very creative in getting their vehicle licensing fees back to where they were prior to Tim Eyman's initiative voted in to reduce vehicle licensing fees a few years ago.

vehicle licensing fees are WA states cash cow!

This was talked about in the political forum. Go read some of the threads.

Bottom line. It won't be passing. I actually talked to Sen. Tracey Eide at my caucus a few weeks ago. I asked her about this bill and she told me it won't have a chance.
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