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End of the Year Bad:
I had both my Scotty Downriggers stolen in September. Insurance covered 70% of the costs to replace them.
I got a speeding ticket coming back from Hoodsport. First ticket in 27 years. Trooper pulled 3 of us over, no warning or lecture, just a ticket.

End of the Year Disappointing:
I took the boat to the Portland area for springers 4 times. I did not have a single takedown. I also watched 30+ boats each trip have the same luck.
The Tillamook Bay & Wilson River trips cancelled by the guides, no fish or the weather was to severe.
The Pt. Defiance area continues to be disappointing for me. No takedowns, goes back 4 years.
I only caught 1 Chinook in Oregon, Columbia River side.

End of the Year Good:
Managed to put 34 Chinook, 3 Steelhead & 1 Coho into the freezer. Good luck in Areas 10, 11 & 12, Cowlitz & Humptulips.
I sent 4 boxes of fish off to family & good friends. I gave a lot of fish to good friends & neighbors here at home.
I lost 5 flashers/lure combinations to hard takedowns. The line broke at the knot. I have put serious time in the knots for braid & mono because of this.
I have met my neighbors due to the Downrigger thefts. They also had been vandalized and we are looking out for each other. They are the best people. We have gotten to know each other and have out own stories about our lives to tell.

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Disappointing...Not a great salmon year for me, crabbing also dismal.

The good: the new boat afforded me the first halibut trip I've made out of LaPush. First time bottom fishing 25 miles from shore was a little un-nerving, but with a little help from another member, we put our halibut and ling on the boat.

Limits of shrimp every time out...that was a first. Again..more help from another member (bait recipe).

Took another member out fishing just a week before he deployed. No fish, but good conversation.

Tried razor clamming for the first time. Took my son the first time-again, more info from the board...limits for the two of us. Took my daughter just before Christmas, and limits again....

All totalled, I'm calling this a pretty darn good year. I've got halibut, ling, salmon, and shrimp in the freezer.

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Did pretty well on the salmon in the rivers and learned alot about that fishery. This Steelhead season realy sucks so far in my area. So,some good some bad.I will survive! Tup: Tdown:
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