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Fishing Report Dungeness River

Discussion in 'Clallam County' started by Lip-ripper, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Blake

    Blake Guest

    fished yesterday below the hatchery and below the dike near the old school house from 11 to 5. below the hatchery my dad fouled a red coho. 9 lb buck. out by the dike i used a trout rod just trying to get a small coho i fouled a 16 lb chum. broke my trout rod.
  2. hook and go

    hook and go Guest

    good day on the river landed a sweet 10# buck steelhead it had my spool smokein took me 100yards up stream and back lost a few more water was nice fish all the little pokets have a good time and for the sake of this river please let the fish go to do there thing
  3. Blake

    Blake Guest

    So been fishing dungy a few times lately. Hoping gor a steelhead, fished starting from the lower every time i went. No luck, exept for a few very spawned out coho. saw two steelhead in around 5 trips, and they refused to bite, tried corky's and eggs corky's and yarn and blue foxes. River was extremely low, might have risen from last nights rain. Oh also asked someone who works at the hatchery about the steelhead, and he said they've only got 3 steelhead so far.
  4. A buddy and I went to the dungy on our way out west. The water looked pretty good but there's nothin around. So we went out to the bogie and it was packed with people. Oh our way home we stopped at Morse creek just before dark and I hooked a small 5lb wild steelhead on eggs. Got a quick picture and let her go with a smile. May it long be this way.
  5. 6 days until the emergency closure out here on the peninsula. We hit the dungeness, morse creek, and lyre river. All 3 were high but not unfishable. Threw everything in the book and only hooked one at morse, which was wild. Its been a quiet year for those factory steelhead.
  6. fished the 3 lower bridges on the dunge from 12 till dark. Water was continually dropping and clearing. Caught one chum and one zombie coho on yarn. Had to be fish around but I could not find them. I did see about a half dozen moving upriver through out the afternoon. I saw six fish carried out only three were bright. We'll see how it goes. It is early, the best is yet to come.
  7. Fished five hours and walked out with a beautiful bright 15lb silver. I was the only one that walked out with a fish the five hours I was there. River was really muddy after the rains but they were running. I used a corky rig with salmon egg stink.

    I'll be back out that way again in a week, hopefully it will pick up then.
  8. 15lb chrome hen landed with black yarn. Lost 7 leaders in about 1.5 hrs before she was hooked.
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