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Fishing Report Dungeness River

Discussion in 'Clallam County' started by Lip-ripper, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Lip-ripper

    Lip-ripper Guest

    Fished down river about 100 yards from the Woodcock road river crossing. Not a sign of anything even been caught here yet. Talked with the only 3 others I saw on the river and they came to the same conclusion that the river is dead until later on in the season.
  2. Reeper

    Reeper Guest

    went over to the coast today, i didnt fish the Dungeness but i was at a no name creek in the general area and landed two chrome natives both bucks 8-10 lbs. used pearl pink corkie and eggs. good luck everyone
  3. fishunt

    fishunt Guest

    Went to the lower Dungeness yesterday. The fish are NOT in...don't waste your time. Try some where else.
  4. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Dungeness yesterday below the hatchery. About 15 BIG coho on the beach when I arrived that were both chrome and red and it was Pretty crowded. I hooked in to two big silvers with a red corky and yarn. Got a bite and a jack followed on eggs. River is low and clear. The Hatchery pond probaly has 200+ red coho in it. Good luck!
  5. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the Dungy today by the dike and schoolhouse. Hooked lots of big, bright chum in a small slot using a red bead. A couple that I didn't land fought like Coho. River is clear with on and off rains. Watch out for homeless people below the bridge by the school house. Quite a few people here and talked to some and said not much going on at the hatchery and the run is not as good this year.
  6. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the dungy below and above the hatchery with no luck and used bobers & eggs/jig/pinkworm. Saw 2 fly guys and 2 other bobber & bait guys and 1 had a nice steelhead. Water kind of low and clear as the river had been rerouted somehow below the hatchery creek as now it is just flowing to the right instead of splitting two ways. Also saw a live boot silver up above. The weather was a little cold and sunny but started to get windy. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.
  7. Dungeness opening day. Very slow, lots of people of course but only one guy had a fish. The hatchery is stuffed with silvers... must be close to a thousand in the pond. No luck with them, but I did catch and release a half dozen bull trout in the 12-16" range, on a barbless #3 blue box. The water is crystal clear and about right on depth. Not a bad day.
  8. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Went 1 for 4, landing a 12 and a half LB buck. fished below the hatchery, using a pink corky and pink yarn.
  9. on the fly

    on the fly Guest

    been picking up afew fish in lower but really working for them most fish are being taken in upper river,but that should change tonite with the coming rain should we actually get some i would expect them to cover some water pretty fast just like last week as they entered the river.
  10. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Fished a little below the hatchery, landing a 12 and a half LB hen on a pearl pink corky and pink yarn.
  11. Blake

    Blake Guest

    fished a little below the hatchery yesterday. still using a pearl pink corky and yarn. late start fished right before dark, still caught a 7 lb hen chrome bright. there are still quite a few coho moving up, some red some silver.
  12. Blake

    Blake Guest

    fished yesterday same spot below the hatchery, early start. fished from 8 to 9 am, slow day. landed a small 5 lb hen that was red. went back later and fished from 2:00 to 4:30, still using a pearl pink corkie and pink yarn, only saw two fish roll. might need a little more rain for fish to come up that far.
  13. Hit the dungy today below the hatchery, the river is so clear it's ridiculous. I hooked into a few silvers but they were all too old. Seems like the fish are late this year. I also went to the lyre and caught one very spawned out steelhead on a blue fox. I didn't see a single salmon. Tough day.
  14. Blake

    Blake Guest

    fished on thursday and friday. slow hooked 3 on thursday landing a slightly dark 15 lb buck! on friday, fished with my dad(Always do but he rarely gets a fish) he fouled a Zombie 9 lb hen. i think the run is almost over. both days used pearl pink corkie and pink yarn. fished same spot, little below the hatchery.
  15. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Fished late start this afternoon, river is very low. only saw four very dark fish below the hatchery. need alot more rain
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