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The real estate deal took a huge dedication , The Cliche , " Sometimes you have to pay for a good deal " is Only known to those of us that got into a deal , where the permit department gave me the WRONG info and WRONG permit , So It took all of my time money and dedication for about two year , Working ,Charging on credit , then working overtime when I ran out of money to pay down my credit cards , I know there was thoughts to let it go back to the lender , But that would Demolish my credit report , Its finally done and fully rented , Due the fact that 4 years have passed all together.Since I bought it , and real estate inflation and appreciating has worked on my behalf ,Its worth a lot more than when I started , But I worked my ass off for it , and worked What was left of my ass off , The final unit was rented Nov 10th 2022 , 15 days ago , and I feel like Ive been emanicpated from a negative cash flow . and all the Costs of remodeling , and the cost of being off work remodeling , So there ya Go, Lucky I got a guy that gave me a three year Investor loan, with a terrible interest rate , Because , If I didnt get that. I would have to get another loan with loan fees charged again , and more stress to fill out papers to get a loan , Amazing how time passed me by while struggling ,But I also looked at it as a challenge to win , as apposed to a terrible financial defeat , So My only option was to win , I just had to re adjust my thinking , and keep going with it , So Its done , Ive had a few days off and a little freedom , Im going to go fishing , and dont even know how to re position my mid that I can take a day off
21 - 21 of 21 Posts