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Hillary: Stand By Some Other Man

Posted: 03/05/2008
The mainstream media said she was finished, but our brave Hillary soldiered on to wallop B. Hussein Obama in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island Tuesday night. I don't know what the MSM is so upset about-- we let them pick the Republican nominee. Did they want to pick the Democratic nominee, too?
Not only that, but after some toothsome appearances on various madcap comedy shows this past week -- "Saturday Night Live," "Late Night With David Letterman," "Hardball With Chris Matthews" -- Hillary's "likability" quotient is soaring! According to the latest CNN/CBS News poll, she's just been upgraded from "Utterly Loathsome" to "Execrable."
The percentage of registered voters who would rather disembowel themselves with a wooden spoon than vote for Hillary has just slipped below the magical 50 percent mark. We're surging, Hillary! If you want to be even more likable, you should go on "The View." Next to those four harpies, you seem almost agreeable.
Now that Hillary has won three primaries in a row, it's time for Obama to do the classy thing and withdraw from the race. (Obama won Vermont, but that was earlier in the day. Exit polls indicate he took the black vote. Literally. There was just the one.)
Imagine how proud Michelle Obama would be of her country if that happened! But Obama probably won't do the classy thing, despite claiming to be a "new" kind of politician and rejecting the politics of division.
If Hillary is serious about becoming president, she's got to make some changes. I say this as a Hillary supporter and strong opponent of divorce. Hillary: You've got to divorce Bill. You've already fired one campaign manager. Now it's time to get rid of your No. 1 buzz-killer.
Not only is the media's group-lie about Bill Clinton being a "rock star" over, but -- one can hope -- the use of the excruciatingly stupid phrase "rock star" to refer to wonky politicians is over. It's become such a cliche that music critics have begun referring to actual rock stars as "leading Democratic contenders."
Liberals believe, often accurately, that if they say the same thing over and over again 1 billion times, people will believe it: "Bush lied, kids died," "We've lost in Iraq," "Reagan is stupid," "Bush is stupid," "Republicans are stupid," "Global warming is destroying the planet," "Gloria Steinem is good-looking" and -- their most provably false assertion -- "Bill Clinton is the most talented politician of his generation."
In a period of just a few short months last year, "news" articles in The New York Times cooed -- I mean "said" -- the following about Bill Clinton:
-- "Elvis is here, Clinton version. Having Bill Clinton campaign for you, as Mr. Ford learns, is a mixed blessing. You are bolstered standing next to this outsized Democrat, but still seem puny by comparison."
-- "Mr. Clinton is one Oscar-worthy supporting actor who can sometimes upstage his leading lady simply by breathing."
-- "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been trying to capture Bill Clinton's old political magic and lay claim to his legacy and popularity."
-- Tony Blair's charisma "ranks second only to Bill Clinton's."
Not to be a stickler, but Bill Clinton is the guy who could never get as much as 50 percent of the country to vote for him. And that was in two presidential elections that the Republicans basically sat out (as they are doing this year).
It was also in elections held before the country realized "Elvis" Clinton was molesting the help. If Bill Clinton is the Democrats' idea of Elvis, somebody should tell them he's playing to half-empty houses.
Besides the joy liberals take in lying generally, they have massive Reagan envy. Despite having informed us the requisite 1 billion times that Reagan was a dunce, Americans adored him, and still do.
Democrats wanted one of their presidents to be adored, too -- and not just for being assassinated. But they only seemed able to produce laughable incompetents like Jimmy Carter.
So no matter how preposterous it was, liberals just kept telling us that the chubby kid with the big red nose whose greatest moment on the football field involved a wind instrument was "Elvis." According to Nexis, that appellation has been applied to Clinton approximately 1,000 times. In print, that is. There's no telling how many drunken cocktail waitresses have whispered it in Clinton's ear during late-night elevator assignations.
You can stop lying for the voters now, Hillary. This is me, Ann Coulter, your supporter.
This charade of a marriage has gone on long enough. Even if you were stupid enough to marry him back in the '70s, Bill is just so over, girlfriend. He can't even get Holiday Inn cocktail waitresses anymore. Last I heard, he was hitting on the Motel 6 housekeeping staff.
You're too good for him, Hillary. Obama has now denounced and rejected Louis Farrakhan. It's time for you to denounce and reject Bill Clinton.
Obama excites voters by offering to be the first black president. You've got a chance to make history by becoming the first divorcee to win the White House.
Ann Coulter

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Now she needs some red shoes and a new broom stick. Some lobbyist will probably fix her up.

I wonder if she will opt for Edwards as a running mate, given the opportunity of course. I don't think Hillary and Obama are a good match no matter who is prime.
She could pick up some points if she can talk Guilianin into coming out of the closet and declaring himself a Liberal Democrap.

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sir john said:
Execrable - meaning is - Extremely inferior; very bad

Yup that about sums her up. :lol:
Thanks for the clarification, Sir John. I was thinking of a different root word, excrement, so the adjective would be excretable, not execrable, I guess. Still it's a reasonable colorful phrase worth filing for an opportune moment in the future.

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I love the suggestion that Tuesday's results are proof that the media was premature in reporting Obama's momentum and delegate lead before, in a sense skewing election results. In reality, Wednesday's reports about Clinton's "walloping" is the real spin job. Clinton gained a handful of delegates Tuesday. Big deal. Obama stil leads by over 100, which makes his lead definitive, if not insurmountable. But that's not where the marketable story is. Reporters will get more mileage by reporting on Clinton's "comeback" and the close race that will tear the democratic party apart by November.

Do the math for yourself. Obama leads by over 100 delegates, and will probably win the nomination, whether it's at the convention or before. Voters who supported either Clinton or Obama in the primaries will get behind the democratic nominee, no matter who it is. Almost all of the democrats will vote democrat, as will a number of independents and republicans who are weary of the Iraq war lies and casualties. McCain's pro-Iraq stance will make him virtually un-electable.

I know a lot of people on this board will be very unhappy sick: for the next four (or eight) years. Get used to it. :lol:

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This thing is nowhere near "in the bag" for Obama.. :D

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson is calling on the Democratic National Committee to cough up the money to stage another state primary, which he estimated cost $18 million the last time.

Nelson issued the statement Thursday calling for the do-over, after demanding in a letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean earlier that the national party either accept the results of his state’s election, or pay for the repeat primary. Dean explicitly said Thursday that the DNC does not have the money to do that.

The back-and-forth elevates the dispute over how to seat Democratic convention delegates in both Florida and Michigan.

The Democratic National Committee stripped both Florida and Michigan of their delegates to the party convention in August because they held their primaries earlier than party rules dictated. But now that the race is likely to come down to delegate votes cast at the convention, pressure is mounting â€" especially on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s supporters â€" to seat delegates from those states.

Clinton won the popular vote in both states, though both she and Barack Obama pledged not to campaign in either state. Obama’s name was not even on the ballot in Michigan....

...Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Thursday he does not want to hold a do-over, but he does want his state’s voters ballots to count when it comes time for the parties to hold their presidential conventions.

If the scenario Crist is hoping for plays out, it would be a boon for Clinton, who beat Obama in the state’s Jan. 29 presidential primary 50 percent to 33 percent. The state divides its delegates proportionally, and would give a majority of its 210 delegates to Clinton....

...Granholm and Crist issued a joint statement Wednesday demanding that their delegates be seated. “We each will call upon our respective state and national party chairs to resolve this matter and to ensure that the voters of Michigan and Florida are full participants in the formal selection of their parties’ nominees,� the statement said.

Other efforts afoot

Democratic lawmakers from Michigan and Florida also are getting in on the act to figure out a way to bring Florida and Michigan voters back into the fold before the presidential convention in August, meeting Wednesday night on Capitol Hill to talk out their concerns.

The meeting in Washington showed fissures among Democrats, some of whom said they believed the DNC erred in its decision to keep Michigan and Florida out.

“Unfortunately [DNC Chairman] Howard Dean made the wrong decision,� Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told FOX News. “We need to undo the damage that was done at the beginning of the process by the Democratic National Committee.

“When asked whether they should hold another primary, Rep. Kendrick Meek, D-Fla., indicated that it would not be a good idea in light of the disputed general election in 2000. But he said he believed a compromise must be found.

“To say that they (the delegates) shouldn’t be seated is just not fair,� he said.

Hastings called the meeting. He conceded he did not expect a resolution to be reached in hour-long meeting, but says more meetings are expected.

No representatives from the Clinton or Obama camps were present, but at least one national party representative was there: DNC member Debbie Dingell, wife of Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich.; Rep. Dingell was also present.

About one dozen lawmakers attended the meeting.

FOX News’ Chad Pergram and The Associated Press contributed to this report. exception of Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, "inspires no such confidence."

Congressman Ralph Hall of Texas agrees with Koch and Miller. In January, Hall, a longtime Democrat, announced he was switching his party affiliation to the Republicans. In making the announcement, Hall said, "I support a Republican President who is constantly criticized by the Democrats who seek to unseat him. In the past year, some members of my party sought to politicize our efforts in the War on Terror and the liberation of Iraq to a point that the President's domestic agenda, which is overwhelmingly supported by my constituents, and the interests of my district were jeopardized."

On a recent trip to Georgia, twelve Democrat state senators threw their support behind the President due in large measure to the leadership he has displayed in the War on Terror. Former Attorney General Griffin Bell, former U.S. Senator David Gambrell and former Representative Doug Barnard, all Democrats, have also endorsed the President.

Wesley Clark, Howard Dean and John Kerry have been chasing the support of anti-war protestors like Madonna, Michael Moore, Ted Danson and others. Throughout their campaigns they have shown that they are willing to put their opposition to Mr. Bush's efforts in the War on Terror in the spotlight. But what we are beginning to see is that some Democrats believe national security is no longer a priority for the Democrat party, and they are echoing the words of John F. Kennedy who said, "Sometimes party loyalty asks too much." Good for them.
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