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What theories are those Sir John?

Sir John your preoccupation with this party that party is messing up your judgement.
Since I expect that both Neville and Winston were well ensconced in the landed gentry of your country the fact that they were friends(needs defining) is no big surprise. The fact that it seems they had differing political opinions also is no big surprise.
Neville was totally taken in by either his vehement wish for 'Peace in our time' or Adolph, or both. Maybe even by the urgings of his party rank and file.
Winston, on the outside looking in, and trying to heal politically from the Gallipoli disaster was quick to take advantage of the apparent wasted effort on Neville's part. It helped that he had bad mouthed Adolph from the beginning.
And of course, England being the land that invented gratitude, duly rewarded Winston for his effort at leadership.
Just the view from a provincial. Sometimes, on a clear day, the mountain is better seen from a distance.
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