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Discussion in 'King County' started by Tamaria, Aug 19, 1999.

  1. Tamaria

    Tamaria Guest

    We put our boat in the water at Des Moines/Redondo at about 5:30 am, Friday August 20th. We were taking my son out for his first trip this year and as it had been slow down by the mouth of the Puyallup we were trying a new approach and hoping to hook into some fish for his excitement. As we put in he was bouncing like an abused bobber in a storm as he watched a guy loose a fish from the dock. We finally got him calmed down enough to drop our lines in and troll along the beach towards Dash Point. That first one only took about 20 minutes to find our stuff and it was an "Earth Shattering cry of "FISH ON" and after about 15 minutes of Pure adrenaline he was breaking sound records howling with joy at the 13lb Bright hen in the net. After several poses for pictures and alot of drooling we finally got the lines back in the water to try for more. The weather was on our side, it was warming up more than expected and nice and calm on the water. it was all we could do to contain him for a long but worthy 2 hour wait till the next rod bend. Again he ensured the shore population was awake, and in 20 minutes we had another Chrome Bright 16lb hen in the boat. With only 1 fish left to go to reach our limit we were now determined. And that was a good thing because it took another 21/2 hours before we reached our climax. We hard been marking fish in the 30 to 80 foot range for about a mile along the beach at Dash Point and he was going crazy watching that screen. During that grueling 21/2 hr time we tried a white hoochy and flasher behind a deep 6 and lost one. And had 2 more real good hits on our herring but couldn't get hooked up. Then, Finally the cry came again"FISH ON". Again his Squeals of joy as we boated our 3rd and final fish of the day, another Chromy weighing in at 12.5lbs.
    I think it is needless to say that asking him if he wanted to get up at 4:00 am the next morning was a REAL DUMB question. And Saturday was even better to us than Friday had been. Returning to the Dash Point area, using the same techniques herring behind the downriggers between 35 and 75 feet and the white hoochie/flasher combo we had our limit by 1:30 and were headed home by 2:00pm with one VERY EXCITED and VERY SATISFIED 14 YEAR OLD BOY. Wow what a weekend. That is some of the best fishing we have experienced in Washington in many years and the season promises to get better. He can hardly wait!!!!
  2. Terry

    Terry Guest

    Got to the Des Moines fishing pier, started out slow and schools came by and me and a few others got our limits in like 3 hours, Pink buzz bombs and pink 1/2oz maribou jigs is what I used
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    I fished Des Moines pier for lingcod today, tried jigs, live poggies and finally got an 34 incher to bite and neted him up. It's going to taste good.
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