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Fishing Report Dash Point

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Bryan, Sep 22, 2000.

  1. curtycurt

    curtycurt Guest

    At Dash Point for the second day in a row. The getting was real good, even though i got skunked. Every time i answered my wifes text, the person next to me hooked in. Damn shame!! All in all it will still be about a week or two before the swarms hit!!!
  2. 4X4 Mudder

    4X4 Mudder Guest

    Waiting here at 0415, the boys are lining up. It's gonna be a mad house I tell'ya! Yesterday was another hot and heavy day. Tons of humpies, lots of hook ups, lots landed. Keep your pier clean boys and girls. Tight lines
  3. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Dash was real good yesterday for a limit, heading there right now
  4. meeeggg

    meeeggg Guest

    Im at dash point right now been here since 5am only 6 fish been pulled in the clouds are affecting it n I big schools or any schools for that matter hopefully it pickup
  5. Eric W

    Eric W Guest

    Headed to dash point about daylight the road down to the dock was backed up to the main road, not being a fan of combat fishing I headed to browns point. When I got down to the water it looked like Blue creek on steroids. Never would have believed it if I didn't see it for myself! Drove over to American lake and had a limit in 20 minutes Sure beats combat fishing....Guess I'm just gettin old.
  6. John

    John Guest

    Went to dashpoint for the first time today! Saw one nice school and about 12-13 fish in an hour hour and a half. I was on the butt end of the dock and had one solid fish hit but I wasn't paying attention and missed it while I was looking for the schools swimming more torward the bend in the dock. going back out for sure sometime this week!
  7. StPeteGrad

    StPeteGrad Guest

    Trolled and mooched 1/2 mile about a 100yds off pier from about 11am flood until 12:30pm. Strong currents, wind, heavy boat traffic made it not worth the trouble to anchor. Sonar picked up a few small schools at 70ft. One hit and miss. Fished out the day drifting Owens beach to the Point.

    Pier looked to be shoulder to shoulder and Browns Point much the same with guys in waders side by side all the way to the south turn.
  8. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Went to the pier today. Was pretty hot, saw about 15 Caught in an hour, then it was very slow for an hour or so. We could hear someOne on a boat yelling because they were catching them. The school came in and the fight was on. Good day for the boy and I. Good luck guys.
  9. meeg

    meeg Guest

    Weather has slowed fishing its still early in the season give it 2 to 3 weeks will be n packed with salmon
  10. gasman

    gasman Guest

    Hit Browns point this morning. Seen maybe 5 fish caught and nothing for me.
  11. Terry

    Terry Guest

    Dash Point was really hot today, lots of limits caught. One guy on the beach caught and released about 7 pinks.
  12. Reelswag

    Reelswag Guest

    Browns PT, 2pm to sundown seen 20+ hook-ups about 50 yards to the left and right of me, i went 2 for 7, couple guys next to me both got limits. Could have went 7/7 but i had to keep the others happy by forcing the fish to the beach. If it takes longer than 15 sec to beach the fish the haters get grumpy.
  13. SAB

    SAB Guest

    Went in the morning to Dash Point. 8-10. Saw two fish caught. Sounds like the fishing heated up later in the day though.
  14. SAB

    SAB Guest

    Fished Browns Point today from 1-6. My buddy's brother caught three pinks. Me and my buddy were skunked.
  15. Fished for 2 hours this morning; two fish on, one landed (about 4 lbs). Only one other caught. Fish Counter said this weekend 103 fishermen, 48 fish in 7 hours. Not good odds (yet).
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