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Fishing Report Dash Point

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Bryan, Sep 22, 2000.

  1. Fished the incoming tide, schools came through around 3. Landed a nice pink, 5.1lb after cleaning. Only 4 fish brought ashore all day, many hookups but all were in clumps. No fish after slack tide around 5, and maribou outfished plastic all day. Why do ppl even USE buzz bombs?!
  2. curtycurt

    curtycurt Guest

    I fished Dash Pt friday all day finally landing a 28 1/2" humpy around 8:30 pm!! Went again Monday and the schools, rather than comming in from north to south, were comming in directly from the center of the sound.
  3. Fished incoming again with similar results, 2/2 in 2 1/2 hours, only one other pulled in while we were there. Go slow and shallow, both hits were only about 20 feet from shore. Once again, do buzzbombs even WORK?? HAHA!! Would've limited out but the last one snapped my rod. What a day!
  4. Woohoo! Good day at browns pt again, but dang are chips at that little store spendy!! I was 1/1, Jessica had a MUCH bigger fish on but PANICKED and lost him. Early incoming still good FOR US, but not many other ppls catching fish... After last nights storms though today I think I'm bout to do the Puyallup!! ....wish the lower river was open.
  5. jd

    jd Guest

    Very slow today at dash and browns. Tried both, saw only one at each caught in four hours. Only caught a couple sculpin.
  6. It was crazy, at about 3, 3 girls all hooked up with fish at the same time. Brought a buddy, he got his first ever salmon, and we've caught so many this past week were out of ways to cook em. When the schools come through, YOU WILL GET FISH! (Unless u throw buzz bombs lol) 2/5 today!! Good day :)
  7. fished in the mornin, only saw 6 landed on beach n 4 on pier in about 3 hours. still really slow.
  8. Fisherboy

    Fisherboy Guest

    We fished the point around the Brown Point lighthouse area this morning at sunrise for a couple hours. It was slow overall for pinks with not much action around the point. Several seals were spotted swimming in rather close to the shoreline checking out the anglers with little fear. Around 7:30am a guy next to me had a nice pink salmon on. He played it a short time with it surfacing etc and then it snapped off the line. Just then a seal surfaced in front of us with that salmon and proceeded to eat it as he drifted out further. Seems us fisherman are catching the seals breakfast. Watch out for the hungry fearless seals and land your fish pronto so the seals don't grab them.
  9. jd

    jd Guest

    Fished for two hours. Went 1/2. Snagged the one I lost. Sounds like fish are at dumas bay.
  10. Snagged a super king as a boat driving by. Feels like it weight more than 200 lbs. took all my line with him less than 10 second! Going home because didn't brought spare!
  11. Larry

    Larry Guest

    My girlfriend and I took out the boat to fish around Dash Point today,I caught 2 pinks and and my girlfriend caught 1 while trolling pink hootchies and also casting buzzbombs.
    I notice there was alot of like brown residue along the side of my boat during the tide change, never seen that before
  12. Chad

    Chad Guest

    High tide prime fishing = myth! Salmon are much like the evening/morning they come in close to shore. Last night at 630pm pinks came rolling in...did very well and a lot of folks went home squid skirt jig is the best!!!
  13. Joe Joe 77

    Joe Joe 77 Guest

    Hit Dash Point pier around 930 am. I have never seen so much fish. There were more than 200 fish caught before noon. Many limits and one guy caught a silver. I caught one missed two die too lack of net.Wide and brother also caught. Everyone wad using pink squid jigs or pink spoons. Excellent fishing for my first time fishing in North West.
  14. Dionne

    Dionne Guest

    Went early this morning saw alot of fish getting caught Only caught one myself Fish died out around 10:00 am
  15. Micheal

    Micheal Guest

    Got to the pier around 10:30 am no, action up until noon, then bang, the pinks started rolling through, many got their limits, I got one, missed at least two more but the fishing was hot, until the rain came but still fish were being caught. Left about 4:30 pm The Pinks are here in record numbers .
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