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Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Bryan, Sep 22, 2000.

  1. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    Went over to dash point to try for silvers this morning. Started fishing around 630 between dash point and browns point. Made a couple passes before hooking a good fish. After two nice jumps clear out of the water he was in the net. Nice 6lb silver caught on a cut plug herring behing a dodger, 30' down in 130' of water.

    TRAPPER Guest

    Dumas Bay Area, Tried out a Hand Tied 1/100oz. Redhead Jig with White
    Marabou tipped with a piece of Mussel to see if I could pick up some
    Sanddabs for Halibut Bait on my Lunch Hour. Instead I scored 2 Shiner
    Perch and a Red Irish Lord, or as we would say when we were Kids "I
    caught a Bullhead and a Couple of Pogies." (I'm switching back to
    Bacon!) "TRAPPER"
  3. ballzjonson

    ballzjonson Guest

    well went out sunday morining seen 4 kings on only one lost all between 10 to 15lbs. and only seen a few pinks also seen 3 cars get towed so make sure u park in the aloted areas or it could be a very long walk home
  4. Its been weird at dash point because we usally cath alot of fish but only 1 has been caught and it was 23 inches im wondering were all the fish are
  5. franjaja

    franjaja Guest

    Have stopeed by Dash Point a few times this month, but haven't seen any real fish. Where are the fish this year?
  6. wannafish

    wannafish Guest

    Took my youngest son to the train station to catch his bus. So I thought that I would try Redondo or Dash Point to see what they were like now, haven’t been there in over 20 years. I got to Dash Point about 9:30 and sat and watched for a bit. There was a sea lion or seal swimming around the dock.
    I went out and heard about a couple fish hooked earlier that got away. I had a couple of hits and there were shakers around. Then my brother came down and fished too.
    It was windy and cloudy at the beginning but around 12:30- 2 the clouds started to break up. Water was cloudy and choppy with the current pulling to the right.
    Score for fishing Toni 0, my brother 3 flounders and a star fish. We were using herring. Most others were jigging with whatever the things were. Only a few others were using herring.
    One guy hooked a good sized (keeper). It ran him up the dock and back again before the seal grabbed the salmon and swam toward shore breaking the mans line. The next guy hooked one that did a little running, jumped about 2 feet out of the water, throwing the hook and swimming away to freedom. The last one was hooked and ran back and forth in front of the dock but there was someone with a long handed net. That fish went home with the person who caught it. This native king salmon weighed 13 lbs. This fish was caught using a cut herring plug. I left about 2pm. The action was from 11am to 1:30 pm.
  7. Mike in Tac

    Mike in Tac Guest

    Took my girls to the beach at Dash Point State Park and then over to the pier for some fishing. We didn't catch anything ourselves, but saw a couple of nice-sized flonder brought in and kept - one with worms and the other with whitefish for baits. Great day to be outside!
  9. pinkhunter

    pinkhunter Guest

    fished dash point humpies yet...just a lot of people keeping 3" perch...never understood that senario? should be coming thru any time. Also fished Pt. Defiance of the dock...saw one residen coho caught and released...picking up over there.
  10. petfisher

    petfisher Guest

    hit browns point this morning; hour after high tide. got two hits and landed a nice chrome bright pink. talked to a couple locals; they said it was first they seen this year.... several boats in water trolling, but saw nothing netted.
  11. buzzbomb

    buzzbomb Guest

    fished dash point dock around one; seen two kings swim by the dock but no one could get them to bite! pinks should be in soon in record numders!!!!
  12. fishon fred

    fishon fred Guest

    was at the dock on the 27 seen one 22pound king banked and three pulled up with a crab net good day but hott!!
  13. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Went to the dash on 7-28 a few pinks swam by while I was there here they come!
  14. justin

    justin Guest

    went last fri to the beach at dash at a hour after low tide caught two pinks in thesurf there. both approx 24 in and 2.5 lbs, released them both.
  15. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Got a pink on in about 70 feet of water trolling a pink buz bomb today. Didnt get it in the boat, Alot of male good sized softshell dungeness. Went home empty handed.
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