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Closing the cascade river?

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Anyone know if they are going to close the cascade river soon because of broodstock concerns. The river has been extremely low for weeks now with no signs of it coming up soon. I've done extremely well on the cascade and skagit this year and wanted to go once more unless they plan on closing it soon.
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I would just monitor the WDFW website for news.

The folks on this and the other bulletin boards have as much inside knowledge as you and me: zero.

Usually when the WDFW announces an emergency closure, the announcement is at least a few days before the actual closure. Bulletin boards on the other hand contain mostly speculation and rumors.
The rumor I heard is that it'll likely close on the 29th of February...
They are closing the hole system. I think though it will be March 16 for the Skagit & Cascade and March 1for the Sauk. There is an article in today's Everett herald, no catch & release season this year. I will have to find a new river for the Spring.
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