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Fishing Report Clear Lake

Discussion in 'Spokane County' started by Denali Williams, Jun 14, 2000.

  1. Stream-connected section at extreme south end (bordered by Salnave Rd.) has good trout fishing (8-15 inches).
  2. moekenney

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    Trolled shallow end of lake by mallard bay resort,3 to 3and half colors, with a Joe's hopper. Three of us in the boat, we caught 11 fish, none under 2pds
  3. Fisherking

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    Arrived at Clear lake at about 7:00 PM just in time to view a marvelous sunset. Air temperature was 75 degrees, water temperature 62 degrees with very little surface activity. I started out sinking a black bugger about 20 feet down with no luck. I tried a few different patterns and colors and like the bait chuckers all around hoped for a little action. Several hours later I left broken and defeated with not even a strike from a lowly sunfish. The lake had turned and it makes me feel better about myself if I can blame bad luck on an event totally out of my control. Fish hard and always catch and release.
  4. Lotech Joe

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    Arrived 7:00 AM and fished until noon. The sky was clear and the wind was out of the East at 10-12 mph and cold, but they turned calm at about 9:00 AM. The water temperature at the surface was in the upper 60's. We encountered moderate boat traffic, increasing to heavy traffic as the day wore on. My friend Sean and I have fished the lake often and we've always seemed to do well. We were trolling Giant Cowbells and spoons with worms and we started up the West side of the lake, across from the public access, then North to the far end of the lake. We made a wide swing to the East side of the lake and started back toward the public access. A few time we ventured toward the middle of the lake but for the most part we stayed within about 100 yards of shore, trolling slow with an electric motor on my 12' jon boat. The spoons weren't working out too well, so I switched to an F-5 Perch Scale Flatfish and I gave Sean one as well. I was trolling with leaded line and Sean was using 20# Red Cajun mono with no weight. Regardless of the line, the most productive distance to troll was between 65 and 70 feet behind the boat. As it turns out, we both limited with 5 fish apiece. Mine were all Rainbows and Sean's were too except for one German Brown. They all ran between 12-16 inches. It was another good day at Clear Lake.