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Fishing Report Clarks Creek

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Benjamin Price, Aug 4, 2000.

  1. Fly fished Clarks with a few little takers. I was using a dry fly, deer hair caddis. They dont seem to be too picky about the specific type of fly, just as long as it looks natural. Keep the line tight while swinging the fly in the current, because they are finicky biters. It was still too hot for extreme action, but there was some we'll, good luck to yall. Local Puyallupian, Ben
  2. Another awesome day on Clarks. I started out with a special deer hair caddis that I tie on a size 12 hook. The nippers loved it, but the hook was too big to hook up on. I tried a mosquito with no success, so I tried a blue dun. The little nippers where eager to hit them. The fish were all pretty small, but were beautiful in color. There was a big resident who was eating bugs off grass blades down the creek a ways. I tried, but he wasn't interested in any of my patterns. It was a really good day on the creek, so good, I didn't mind the rain and storms very much.
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    Went down to clarks creak with a few streamers I tied up and ended up gettin one nice rainbow that was about 7in long
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