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Christmas on the Cowlitz

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What a great Christmas!!

I was sitting at work yesterday checking out gamefishin and I saw that FASTFISH had an open seat fishing the Cowlitz today. I couldn’t resist, I sent him a PM and we confirmed the plans.

dapackwood also took him up on the open seat offer so we decided to meet in Federal Watts and carpool down to the Cowlitz (thanks for driving!). We got to the blue creek launch thirty minutes before the sun came up. One person at the launch glow balling had a few fish on the bank; it was going to be a good day.

We got the boat in and started pounding the water. Within an hour I hooked up with a solid fish. Not wanting to cracker the first fish I took it easy on her and eventually won the tug of war.

Nice, cold morning on the river. A few other boats out but it didn’t seem too bad.

Next up, dapackwood hooks into a fish with some ez-eggs. After a brief battle FASTFISH slides the net under this nice hen.

Now we’ve got two fish in the boat and it’s still fairly early. After talking a little smack FASTFISH hooks into a nice fish and dapackwood takes the tiller. Nice fight and another fish in the boat.

The bite died for a while so we decided that we were going to make one last drift. FASTFISH knows how to end the day on a good note, hooks into another fish. I netted this colored buck and it was 4 fish for the day.

Great day on the water, thanks for the ride FASTFISH. dapackwood, it was great to meet you and kill a few fish. I had an absolute blast fishing with you guys. Tup:


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Great X-mas day on the cow gents, thanks for sharing Tup:
Looks like a great day on the Cow Tup:
Hanks for sharing. Great pics too.
Way to go, Lofty! Tup:
Nice Cow brats!! Congrats!!
Lofty's fish was so scared of him, it went to the bank and tried to beach itself and run away----usually we dont have to pull the fish off the bank when were in the boat trying to net it, LOL :lol:

Lofty had the biggest fish of the day @ almost 14 pounds on a regular boat scale, I kept telling him to put the brakes on that 10lb mainline and get it in :D

great day out with you guys, we'll do it again

still trying to find my camera from last night, it has the pic of that 20(verified on 2 scales) we saw caught right next to us in my buddies boat, hope I didnt leave it in the boat somewhere to get wet, I wil look again this evening after work------------

Lofty has a very nice Digital Camera, and sent me some great photos from the day, thanks man!!!!! clap:
Good show Fastfish! clap:
You guys killed them on Christmas, good show clap: those are some beauties Tup:
Nice looking fish. Good job.

I guess you could say "MERRY FISHMAS" :lol:
Nice going Jason, too bad I had to work, I'd of been there. You guys did well, nice clap:
What a great christmas !! I have been kinda looker or this site , not realy meeting alot of new people , WOW WHAT A MISTAKE !
Fastfish , great fisherman with a geat boat , willing to help just about anyone with his knowlegde A HUGE THANK YOU for a graet day !
Lofty , good to meet you , another good fisherman with good skills .

But most important , after 5minutes it felt like I was fishin with my old buddies .
To meet new people and have us get along sooo well was realy cool !
it was my pleasure to meet 2 new friends !!!
Man did I miss an invite? Gotta watch for another one and get on it sooner.

If it wasn't Christmas day I woulda been all over that one. Only 2 days a year that I can't fish and thats Thankgiving and Christmas days. Gotta spend at least 2 days a year with the bride yaknow.

That was a very nice offer FASTFISH and very nice fish!!!!

Looks like you had a good time, I need to get out and get some fish.
great pics with reports... glad you guys got into fish and had a great day on the river clap:
Nice Job Jason. Wait to get people out and into some fish Tup:
Great report, river didn't look to crowded Tup:
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