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Fishing Report Chambers Creek

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Andy, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Finished the day off at Chambers creek, jigging Point Wilsons. No luck with very few hits on the finder. My buddy drifted while jigging this same spot on the 8th and 9th. Caught some salmon, almost legal in size (17in?). Lots of flounder and dogs out there as well.
  2. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Tons of kings here at Chambers. Went for 2 hours last night and they were jumpin out of the water all over the place. Large Kings making it up to 3ft out of the water at times. Although most appeared to be a bit dark. Fished Darts in White/Green, Pink/White, Chrome/Green to no avail. Lots of boats and no hits. Perhaps the Lockjaw syndrome is contagious across the South Sound this year??
  3. brandon

    brandon Guest

    i cuaght some small trout the bigest one i caught was 11.5 inches so the big fish are not hitting yet
  4. Mitch

    Mitch Guest

    Went just down from the dam and tried the only water with current, saw 20 to 30 Kings, had one beach itself had to be 15-20lbs. yes I did the right thing and helped it back to the water. no bites. Saw several guys down by the mouth catching on buzz bombs. They are running hard their.
  5. Shotgun J

    Shotgun J Guest

    Went out on the Puget Sound side of Chambers Creek.....and caught nothing. Last summer my son, girl and I went out there by the railroad track bridge and caught Flounder after Flounder......Im ready for spring and summer.
  6. Pauly

    Pauly Guest

    Fished Chambers creek today starting at low tide. Saw quite a few jack chinooks swimming up and down stream. I caught two small ones, threw one back kept the other for dinner. I was the only one there with any luck, though.
  7. T-hawk

    T-hawk Guest

    it was ok seen about 15 pinks caught 3
  8. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    Fished yesterday 8-19-11 i fished last of low tide and some of the incoming. I was fishing little north of the mouth on the puget sound side, I didnt catch anything. I saw a boat catch and keep a fish. Also i saw some really nice fish making there way up the dam. I am going to try again on sunday.
  9. mike

    mike Guest

    two hours and caught two cutthroat trout about 23inces but let them go i think ur not aloud to keep those just didn't wana risk it but was a fun catch
  10. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Saw a 30 pound Chinook taken from here today.

    Fish were jumping clear out of the water all day. literally 6 hours and at least a jump per minute. It was rediculous.

    Get your catch now... Indians are gill netting at noon tomorrow.

    White Buzz Bombs are king in this creek. Look for the low-tide+low flow stream bed... its the deepest part of the creek and its where they all stay even when tide and river rates are up. Best fishing at low tides.
  11. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Was out there yesterday and today. Better fishing yesterday, saw 3 taken out. Today I saw three, one was 25lb I was told. Wait for some rain and they will be in thick.
  12. jerry

    jerry Guest

    took my limit home today white buzz bomb with flasher side to look like a herring. one 16# and a 12# was a good day
  13. ekc

    ekc Guest

    Arrived at Steilacoom Ferry fishing dock at 5AM and left at 8AM with 107 squid and one 18-inch flounder between my wife and I. Used blue and lt-orange glow jigs. Squid arrived in waves...longest slack times were about 5 minutes. Several squid were large...10-12 inches, and we had several doubles, including 2 squid on one jig. The water was very fast on 2 occasions...we had a 16 ft tide change that morning. Max number of people squidding was 5, including us. Best squidding we've experienced in quite some time.
  14. Phil

    Phil Guest

    Passed through the creek area today, tide was too low, could walk across at the train tracks. ladder is open though so will have to cruz by with the high tide and see if there is any action yet.
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